Sharh as-Sudoor 2014-09-02

English Translation of Imam Suyuti's work by Mawlana Afthab Cassim

  1. Unbeknown
    English translation of Imam Al-Suyuti's (rahimahullah) treatise on death and after-life. (PDF: 6.2 MB)

    Read and consider how much are our lives detached from the reality. We think we live in the real-world but the sad truth is that we are living in a virtual make-belief world where "don't worry everything is/will be fine". See how the 'science and technology, progress and growth, art and culture' have destroyed our rationality. Thick blinds have been thrust upon our intellects by the 'modern' dunya. The earlier we wake-up the less will we suffer.

    Take this book as a pill that will, hopefully, restore some sanity to our minds.