2 beautiful quatrains by a Hindu, Dillu Ram Kausari, in praise of the Prophet!

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  1. Kuch ‘ishq e Muhammad mein nahin shart e Musulman!
    Hai Kausari Hindu bhii talabgaar e Muhammad!

    Allah re! kyaa raunaq e bazaar e Muhammad
    Ke Ma’bood e Jahan bhi hai kharidaar e Muhammad!

    Being a Muslim is not a condition for loving Muhammad!
    Kausari, the Hindu, is also a seeker of Muhammad!
    By Allah! How delightful is the bazaar of Muhammad
    For the Lord of the Worlds is also a buyer of Muhammad!

    Rahmatulilalamin kay Hashar mein maana’ khulay
    Khalq saari Shaafa e Roz e Jaza kay saath hai
    Laykay Dillu Raam ko jannat mein jab Hazrat gaye
    Ma’loom huwa kay Hindu bhi Mahboob e Khuda kay saath hai!

    The meaning of “Mercy unto the Worlds” became apparent on Judgement Day:
    The whole creation is with the Intercessor of The Day of Acquittal
    When the Prophet took Dillu Ram with him into Paradise
    It was known that this Hindu too is with the Beloved of God!

    Endnote: On his deathbed this Hindu was blessed by the ziyarah of the Habib and he accepted Islam at the hands of The Habib himself صلى الله عليه وسلم ! Allahu Akbar! The Prophet also named him Kausar Ali Kausari.

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