4:64 refutation of al`Uthaymin

Discussion in 'Tafsir' started by Abu Fadl, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Abu Fadl

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    When are we going to have a refutation of deobandis on the marifa site?
  2. the wobbler must have meant Wahabis by "them"! Although I believe Huzoor´s mercy is so all-encompassing...*

    Aaj lay unki panaaH, aaj madad maang un se
    Kal na maaneinge, qayamat mein agar maan gya!
    -Sayyidi Ala Hazrat :ra:

    * Once Shaykh al Akbar Ibn Arabi met Satan who asked him that Allah has made the Prophet, "Rahmatulil alameen". Am I not included in that mercy? Shaykh al Akbar kept quiet as he didn´t know what to say.
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  3. Wadood

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    "And the possibility that the Messenger of God [sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam] asks forgiveness for them after his death is something impossible."

    Allah u Akbar! What ugliness is this?
  4. Wadood

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    However, practically on the ground today, the group perhaps deserving even more are the ithna 'ashri rafiDis.

    My mother is in Bahrain at the moment. And I heard from her that the rafiDis there were trying to blow up bombs there with ball bearings similar to those in 'Iraq (and you might guess where such bombs come from ). If Bahrain went the way of 'Iraq, no matter how small it is, it would be a disaster.

    I also heard about new developments taking place in Herat and 'Oman. And you might guess whose hand is in that.

    The wahabis only became important, when Abdul Wahab Najdi was able to conquer a country for himself and use it as a base to spread wahabism to India that has troubled people on websites for so long. So did they Mu'tazilah. They only became strong and were able to spread far and wide, once they had established their state.

    If Abdul Wahab Najdi would have been unsuccessful, in the words of that kafir orientalist Patricia Crone, Wahabism would have remained just a Najdi Cult.

    It was only due to a 'wahabi state' established that Albani, bozos, uthaymins got a free reign. Now wait for the new rising star.
  5. abu Hasan

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    the messenger, SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam said: "if you have no shame, do what you want."

    the wahabis and their acolytes have taken this as a commandment and as is their malady, stick to it literally. ahl al-bid'ah are also known as ahl al-ahwa, people of desires and wahabis/salafis are bent on proving that description beyond any doubt - as if there is any doubt left anymore.

    wherever they want (their ugly desires fancy) they make huge and tall ta'wils and do not care for any opinions of elders (would you follow your grandfathers even if they are deviant? the wahabi asks).

    but where it suits their putrid aqidah - we ask Allah to vouchsafe us from such mental and spiritual disease - they will stick to the literalism of the worst kind and lecture us on how to follow the salaf:
    hast thou seen the one who has taken his own desire as his god, whom Allah ta'ala let go astray in spite of [his] knowledge?
    and put a seal on his hearing and his heart; and there is a veil on his sight. who else can guide him then, after Allah (let him go astray)? do you not heed admonition? [al-jathiyah, 23]
    laa Hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah.

    *ibn kathir says that mu'tazilah are one of this kind in their self-styled beautiful and ugly (husn/qubh) argument. by extension, the wahabiyah with their anthropomorphism are another. wAllahu a'alam.
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  6. faqir

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