A Friend or Enemy?

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Sunni Student, Jul 20, 2007.

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    A Friend or Enemy?

    He wanted me to burn in hell,
    He wanted me to be among those who fell,
    He wished to lead me astray,
    From my Lords mercy he tried to keep me away.
    Was he my friend or enemy?

    It was because of him I was deprived,
    He had deceived so many,
    He kept coming at me until I died,
    I still didn’t realize amidst all the agony,
    Was he my friend or enemy?

    He whispered evil to me every day & every night,
    He defeated me without me even putting up a fight,
    I didn’t even try,
    I thought I can just ignore him and let him pass by,
    Was he my friend or enemy?

    This is why I was drowned in sins,
    All along he was sitting back and laughing at me,
    Then death hit me, now I can see,
    But it’s too late,
    There’s no going back to change my fate.

    His task had reached its end,
    This was his plan all along,
    He wasn’t my friend,
    I understood it all wrong,
    He was the Devil, my arch enemy!​

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