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  1. Aqdas

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    muhaddith barelwi says:

    hasan e mujtaba, sayyadul askhiya
    raakib e dosh e 'izzat pe laakhoN salaam
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    ansāb al-ashrāf, balādhūri, vol.3 pg.276

    a poet praised al-ĥasan ibn álī and he gave him ten thousand silver coins. someone said: ‘do you give him ten thousand [so much]?’ he replied: ‘wealth is best spent when it safeguards one's honor and goodness earned from it. by Allah, i did not fear that he would have denied that i am the offspring of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, nor that i am the son of álī or faţimah; but i feared that he might say that i do not resemble RasulAllah, nor álī or faţimah - even though they were better than i am.

    the other reason is that, a man expected something and hoped for something from me [and if i did not give him, i would have disappointed him].
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