A ghazal by Parveen Shakir

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by abu nibras, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. abu nibras

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    as salam alaikum

    may we be reminded that we can discuss poetry relevant to the theme of the forum here.

    even some of the the mubah matters cause distraction.

    was salam

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  2. kuu-ba-kuu phail ga_ii
    baat shanaasaa_ii kii
    us ne Khushbuu kii tarah
    merii paziiraa_ii kii
    From street-to-street spread
    Rumours of our acquaintance;
    But for me, like fragrance,
    His acceptance fore others spread.

    kaise kah duu.N ki
    mujhe chhor diyaa hai us ne
    baat to sach hai
    magar baat hai rusvaa_ii kii
    How can I say that
    He has left me?
    It is true but
    It is a disgrace for me!

    vo kahii.n bhii gayaa, lauTa
    to mere paas aayaa
    bas yahii baat hai achchhii
    mere harajaa_ii kii
    Wherever he went, he returned
    Always to my side
    This trait alone is a positive
    On my fickle lover's side.

    teraa pahaluu
    tere dil kii tarah aabaad rahe
    tujh pe guzare na qayaamat
    shab-e-tanhaa_ii kii
    May your bed-side
    Remain occupied like your heart
    May a calamity never befall you
    Like a lonely night spent apart.

    us ne jalatii hu_ii peshaanii pe
    jo haath rakhaa
    ruuh tak aa ga_ii
    taasiir masiihaa_ii kii
    When he on my burning brow
    Placed his hand twas much!
    My very soul felt the effect
    Of his Christ-like touch.

    (quick translation by moi)


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