abu ja'afar hanbali (jurjis?)

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  1. Syed Ahmed Uwaisi

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    Everyone should know that Jurjis, a.k.a. Abu Jafar 'aL hANBALI', is extremely muta'assib and he does not consider anyone to legitimately possess Qadiri lineage and spirituality unless he is Hanbali in fiqh. i THINK there is something along that line mentioned in the article on his blog.

    "If the conclusion is retarded, the evidence is inconsequential"
  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    yes, if you go by the qaTyi-confidence of jurjis miyaN, shaykh abdu'l qadir jilani did not give ijazah to his own son imam `abd al-Razzaq.

    imam dhahabi says about him, "the son of shaykh al-islam abd al-Qadir ibn abi SaliH; the shaykh, the muHaddith, abu bakr (`abd al-Razzaq) al-Jili, al-baghdadi, al-Hanbali, the pious ascetic (zahid)." (siyar a'alam, dhahabi #5539).

    jalaluddin suyuti in his Tabaqat al-Huffaz, lists him in the 17th rank of muHaddithin, with well-known hadith imams such as ibn al-jawzi, ibn bashkuwal, suhayli, Hazimi and others. (entry #1081). sayyidi `abd al-Razzaq passed away in 603 AH.

    so according to the profound research and the single-handed vanquisher of a few dozen, who didn't dare to take a book from his hand, this valiant, erudite scholar, the research imam: most Tariqahs are invalid as they don't reach sayyiduna ghawth al-a'aZam via the three he mentioned; one more he doesn't know or doesn't merit mention.

    now, let us go back to dhahabi again in his siyar, writing about ghaws al-a'zam (#5227), he cites ibn qudamah that he said: "...we met with the shaykh in the final years of his life."

    so according to the jurjisi research, huzur ghawth al-a'azam would give ijazah to a scholar who met him in his later years but NOT to his own son sayyidi `abd al-Razzaq who was born in 528 and was forty-one when sayyidi ghawth al-a'azam passed away.

    oh, btw, dhahabi mentions a number of names who narrate from the ghawth, INCLUDING his both sons sayyidi `abd al-Razzaq and sayyidi musa.

    looks like the jurjisi researcher didn't bother to peruse the ijazat of the qadiri mashayikh of india, and most go via sayyidi `abd al-Razzaq al-Jilani or he doesn't know who sayyidi `abd al-Razzaq is.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  3. abu Hasan

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    i was like a lion in front of around 25 devbandis/sulh kullis. and i was reading the "mutaqad al-muntaqad", and they were all silent, perhaps their legs were quivering; i looked up and none would meet my eye. all of these ignorant people were sitting with their heads bowed - there was utter silence.

    and i continued to silently read "mu'taqad" in the masjid where a bunch of tablighis happened to be during prayer time.
  4. Unbeknown

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  5. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    in the video below, why are people calling in advertise their worship? isn't riya/show-off supposed to be haraam? isn't it against islamic iHsan to tell the whole world what how many raka'ah you prayed or how many dollars you gave in charity? saying it in front of five people is offensive enough, let alone on TV and youtube for posterity...

    strange practices you have in UK...
  6. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    but probably he is pro napak padri, his book on jihad gives you a hunch that he is pro padri and to some extent a sullah kulli, i remember he called in that book the revolution of iran an islami inqilab.
  7. mabmrqra

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    The programme can be seen here:

    At around 30.00 another of his works is mentionned Madarij al Irfan fi Manahij Kanz ul Imam, is this available online?
  8. Aqdas

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    MaShaAllah the shaykh came to the uk a few years ago. He did a programme with Sayyid irfan mash'hadi on tv.
  9. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    Some people are hasty in doing takfir (declarimg Muslims kafir), while others refuse to state kufr is kufr, and also refuse to declare a clear cut kafir a kafir.

    A'llamah Muhammad Chishti (student of Bandyalwi Sahib) has a written a masterful book on the subject called 'Usul alTakfir':


    Here is the Shaykh doing a dars from Bukhari Sharif:


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