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    One of the aims of these forums is to have a pleasent corner on the internet where we talk about Allah azza wa jall, His Habeeb saws and His deen.

    It was hence decided by consultation amongst the administators and some of the members that we should add a few rules of the forum to help maintain the atmosphere and help increase the barakah of the place.

    The rules will be immediately in affect : inshaAllah !

    <center>Addendum to Rules :</center>

    i) Abusing and Name-calling is not permitted period. Any posts with such contents should be reported to the Admin Team by means of a PM (user : admin ) - A warning will be issued and then the poster will be banned if he/she fails to comply with the rules.

    ii) Regarding polemics in general - it is an advice that members abstain from it, if at all a member deems it necessary and unavoidable then he/she should post the topic in "The Thicket" which is the section meant for controversial stuff.

    iii) Also as a forum policy we will NOT allow cursing, and abusing scholars of the Deobandi school - It is a forum policy that we simply abstain from them, and hence do not allow open praise of them either.

    People interested in the above can find plenty of places of their liking elsewhere on the internet to indulge themselves.

    iv)Links to resources will be allowed as long as the source does not have anything opposing the established beliefs of ahlus sunnah.

    v)Any post that violates the forum rules will be simply deleted without explanations.


    Please see

    for the original set of rules to which this is an addendum.


    Admin Team,

    RiyâD ar-RiDâ

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