Adherence of Ala Hazrat to Sunnah

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    Ala Hazrat Rahmatullahi Ta'ala Alayh was once invited for a meal. The food had been served but all people present there was waiting for Ala Hazrat to begin eating. Picking up a piece of cucumber he ate it. Then he ate the second and the third. Following suit, the guests also stretched their hands out towards the container of cucumber, but Ala Hazrat stopped them and asked for the cucumber to be given to him all. Hence, he ate all the cucumber served on the dining mat.

    Ala Hazrat would normally eat very little but had unexpectedly eaten all the pieces of cucumber, leaving the guests astonished. When asked about eating the cucumbers, the honourable Ala Hazrat explained, 'The first piece was bitter, and so were the second and the third. Since eating cucumber is Sunnah of the Beloved and Blessed Prophet ﷺ, and this cucumber was bitter, i did not want anyone to spit out the bitter cucumber.'

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