adriknî yâ RasûlAllâh ! du`a

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    bismillâhi ar-RaHmân ar-RaHîm


    Allâhumma Salli wa sallim `alâ sayyidinâ MuHammadin, qad Dâqat Hîlatî
    adriknî yâ RasûlAllâh. (SallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam)

    [mufarrij al-kurûb wa mufarriH al-qulûb; du`â:149, page:38]



    O Allâh, send Salât and salâm (blessings and peace), on our master,
    MuHammad (SallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam); i am confined and choking in
    my predicament, come to my aid O RasûlAllâh! (SallAllâhu `alayhi wa


    imâm yûsuf nabHânî notes:

    this is a du`â taught by RasûlAllâh SallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam to
    the muftî of shâm, Hâmid afendi al-`imâdi in his dream, when one of
    the damascene veziers tried to arrest him. this is a proven du`â for
    succor and deliverance from distress and affliction.

    when he recited this du`â, Allâh delivered him from his distress.

    ibn `âbidîn and others have mentioned that they tried this du`â and
    Allâh gave them relief and aid. i've tried it and, Allâh has given
    me relief too. many of our brothers have informed me that they've
    tried it too and found succor.

    i have mentioned other benefits of this Salât in my book `afDlus
    Salawât, `alâ sayyidis sâdât'; one may look up there if he wishes

    [ibid. page 78]


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