Akram Nadwi a feminist?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Aqdas, Jan 16, 2021.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    akram nadwi is an idiot and a jahil. 52 volumes of cut and paste won't change that.

    and it is strange that people are talking about his work as something never done before. of course, i cannot really comment on the work as i have not seen it, but going by the reviews and descriptions, it appears to be a compilation of women scholars.

    let it be known that from the compilations of names of sahabah until the names of narrators, to the compilation of individual scholar's list of teachers, women have always been included in those compilations.

    shaykh umar rida kahhalah compiled a 5 volume compendium on "a'alam al-nisaa'. this was first published in 1959. check this and this.

    for example in al-iSabah, ibn hajar collected names of 1563 women companions; ibn al-athir in usd al-ghabah, 1022 names.

    so yes, it is indeed some work that you gather all the names from multiple works in one place.

    but that is no guarantee of intelligence, knowledge and insight. his ignorance is apparent from his talks. he doesn't have basic adab.
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    One of his students once said that there is too much gender segregation, I suppose this is his way to combat that.
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