Al-Sayif Al-Rabbani Ala Unuqi Al-Mu'tariD Al-Ghawth Al-Jilani

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    The miracles of anbiya ('alayhimussalaam) have always been accused of being sorcery (al'iyadubillah).

    but now, in this age of even denser materialism, its not the intangible magic (which still leaves place for some higher realm of metaphysics to exist) but the hopelessly mundane yet terrifyingly sinister 'science' that seeks to belittle the karamaat of the awliya-Allah!

    fantasy changes its genre.

    satan cometh in a newer garb.


    ya shaykh Abdul-Qadir Jilani Shay'an lillah.
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    is the Qasidah Gawthiya authentic in its entirety?

    (i think the above translation has issues in some places)

    if yes- a question that has been bothering me for some time now:

    What do we make of [some verses in the above qasidah] and [the concept that the 'Naib' of Gawth-al-'Azam in every era is the primary wasila through whom rizq is granted to people in that era and that he knows the names of every murid of his] in light of the fact that:

    None besides a Rasul/Nabiyy possesses certain knowledge of the unseen or 'lm-e-ghaib-e-yaqeeni?

    jazakAllah. Wassalaam.
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    iv'e downloaded those and plan to read them as time permits. inshaAllah.

    does anyone know if the following translation of the ghunya is reliable?

    or else brother Noori do you have one in your scribd folder?
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    if ibn taymiyyah felt compelled to write a sharH of futuH al-ghayb, you know the respect ghawth al-a'azam commands. [regardless of whether you agree or not with his sharh]

    al-fat'H ar-rabbani. my teacher raHimahullah, was so attached to it and read it over and over again. and he advised me to read it and keep reading it the rest of my life. initially, i had a flawed urdu translation - of some unknown hyderabadi translator; but my brother gifted an arabic edition on his return from saudi arabia, which i still have and read. alHamdulillah. i would read and translate from it for friends, but couldn't suggest them an urdu translation because most translations are by dodgy people. the one mostly found in indian bookshops is that of ashiq ilahi meeruti, gangohi's student and biographer. i chanced upon a translation by a sunni aalim mawlana ibrahim badayuni recently and marfat has a PDF copy with a good introduction by the late mawlana abdu'l Hakim sharaf qadri sahib. see here.

    futuH al-ghayb and its sharH by shaykh abd al-Haqq dihlawi is also in urdu.

    ghunya is the third and particularly, the last part aadab al-muridin is indispensable. there are two translations - one of mawlana shams barelwi, and another by mawlana siddiq hazarwi.
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    Introducing The Gawth


    Is there a good introduction to the Shah of Jilaan (radhiAllahuanhu) in the english language? i am particularly interested in info about his scholarly works. I believe that preachers usually over-focus on his karamaat to the point that his status as an Alim-e-Deen is not given the attention it deserves!

    this has caused me much discomfort. so much so that i feel that my respect for this towering figure of spirituality and shariah is in some sense 'borrowed' or 'second-hand'. Much of my respect for him comes from the fact that Ala-Hadhrat respected/loved him immensely or that every great scholar of past and present has respected him and loved him.

    this is unlike the respect that i feel for other ulema, for e.x mention Ala-Hazrat or Imam Nawawi or Imam Asqalani or Imam Gazzali (May Allah(Azzawajal) be pleased with them all) and it is as if my heart begins to sing and i feel a subtle sense of pleasure and security. but in this case i have to make efforts to recall all that i know about him or the ulema have said about him everytime i hear his name.

    this albeit i am, by Allah(Kareem)'s garce, his Murid and a Qadiri, infact i have personally experienced the fruits of his tasarruf (QaddasAllahu Sirruhu) on several occasions!

    recently a scholar said in a speech, "We do not take pride in our lineages but we take pride in being Qadiris". I too wish to achieve this state but it seems as if a curtain is between me and a magnificent palace which is keeping me form admiring its full glory. i hope brothers will understand my predicament.

    i think that reading or listening to fiction has its side-effects. in some way it subconsciously alters your sense of what's possible/easy and what's impossible/difficult, so many a times the karaamat of the awliya do not register the awe that they should.

    children should be kept away from such fiction, particularly science fiction which glosses over every impossibility or 'missing-links' in the chain of events and some how projects that everything is possible with a little effort and throws in enough mumbo-jumbo to create a sense of credulity in the minds of the readers. imagine, if a child grows up watching 'superman' will it really excite him to listen to a hikayat about a wali flying in air? i doubt it.

    secondly, scholarly works serve as a great antidote to puffed-up minds as they provide a reality check and thus inspire awe and respect. all a conceited urdudaan or young scholar needs to do to snub his nafs is pick up a copy of Fatwa-Ridawiyyah and he'll deflate like a punctured baloon!

    hope i've explained myself well. please advise.

    jazakAllahukhayran. Wassalaam.
  7. A beautiful book ma sha Allah I recommended it for all the seekers of the Qadri Tariqah. The answers to the so called objections on Sayyiduna al Ghawth al A'azam Qutb Rabbani Mahbub Subhaani Shaykh Sayyid 'Abd ul Qadri al Jilaani radi Allahu Ta'ala 'anhu are excellent.
    Mawlana Umar Sahib gifted it to me when I was in Huddersfield last year.
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