Al-Tafhimat al-Ilahiyyah -Shah Waliullah Dahlawi

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    A brother pointed it to me that some wahabis are quoting Shah Waliullah about a quote present in his book Al-Tafhimat al-Ilahiyyah.

    The quote is

    “All who go to the land of Ajmer or to the grave of Salar Mas’ud or those that resemble them in order to request [to fulfil] a need, it is indeed a sin more grievous than murder and adultery. Its likeness is not but the likeness of those who worship the creation or like those who call on Al-Lat and Al-’Uzza. However, we do not [unequivocally] declare disbelief [upon them] due to the absence of a text from the Lawgiver in this specific matter.”

    Insha Allah it will be shown in this thread that this quote is a fabrication. Also , those who bring this quote have no knowledge about the life , belief and works of Shah Waliullah muhaddith Dehlawi Naqshbandi. ( Rh)

    And for those who know the principle of haram ( prohibited) from Qur'an they can easily see the fabrication in the above statement.

    Note: Deobandis have fabricated Hifzul Iman.I bought the fabricated edition three days back.

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