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Discussion in 'Refutation' started by YaMustafa, May 14, 2015.

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  1. Inwardreflection

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    I have seen over the years that many debates do not result in the Khawarij backing down nor sincerely accepting the evidences. Sometimes they may but on the whole they just have too much arrogance. The biggest problem is that they do not have clearly developed Usool on most subjects, furthermore they do not have clear definitions on subject matters. This creates a very difficult dilemma when debating them as they shift from one argument to the next, mix up things, create confusion etc. etc. for us as Sunni's each matter has been subjected to an Usool to derive a ruling and we are clear on definitions of various things. If you want to debate this guy, ask that he submit his definition on the topics like Hazir Nazir and Ilme Ghaib and how he defines them according to the leading Scholars. After all you can't make up your own definitions without being backed by the Ulema.
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  2. Sacred

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    These fools need to accept Shaykh Asrar's challenges.
  3. Aqdas

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    Best format: writen.

    One point at a time.
  4. kattarsunni

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    Ali Hasan has accepted his 15 minute format. Abdul Qadeer needs to accept now and not back down. If he does he will be known for offering people and then backing down.
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    Did I hear him say the 'hobbit'??
  7. Abu Hafsah

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    By the way its a new look LOOL this guy acts like a lion in his own backyard like the saying goes ''apni gali mein kutha bi sher hotha hai''. This man has no guts he can waste his time sitting behind his books and rant on and on, a gutless coward.
  8. YaMustafa

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    His PDF doesn't need a response. He has picked up lines from malfooz of ala hazrat. Shaikh abdul hadi's translation of malfooz already answers many points. The wahabi disagrees with Ilm e ghayb, Hazir Nazir, Ikhtiyaar of Rasool, Tasarruf etc; however he doesn't even understand our sunni beliefs. e.g. the section of ilm e ghayb and revelation.
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    no point in insulting him.
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    Did he just come out of his cave after all that time when he went into hiding?? He must have realised its a new year and tomorrow could be a brighter day LOL.
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    The bitter reality

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    Look who's crawled out the wood-work!

    His allegations against ala Hazrat alayhi Rahma could forum users please shed some light for me ?


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