Allama Iqbal's poem on Hussain Ahmad Madni of Deoband

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  1. Here is Allama Iqbal, writing in Farsi, on another Deobandi elder, Hussain Ahmad 'Madni' one of their 'shining lights':

    A literal translation:

    The East still does not know the mysteries of this Religion, otherwise
    From Deoband, Hussain Ahmad! What a most strange person he is-
    Crying from the pulpit that the (Muslim) community is from the nation!
    Unaware as he is of the rank of Muhammad sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam the Arabian
    Reach, Mustafa, the Chosen One, for in this Religion 'everything is he'
    If you do not reach him, everything is like Abu Lahab (i.e. satanic, evil)

    - ( Iqbal, Armaghan i Hijaz, Urdu)
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