`Allama Sa`eed Foudeh (hafizahullah) on Deobandis

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by AR Ahmed, Mar 8, 2020.

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  1. AR Ahmed

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    wa `alaykum asalam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuh
  2. AR Ahmed

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    wa `alaykum asalam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuh
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    As Salāmu Àlaykum Wa RahmatulLahi wa Barakatuh,

    I doubt you'll get an answer here. You might have a better chance of a response if you translate your queries into Arabic and post them to the Aslein forum that I heard his students frequent, and/or get in touch with Shaykh Gelal Jihani from the Netherlands who is close to Shaykh Said.
  4. AR Ahmed

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    A few questions for the respected `Allamah Shaykh Sa`id Abd al Latif Foudeh hafizahullah regarding his take on the "Barelwi" (Sunni) vs Deobandi issue
    1) What are the issues where the Shaykh considers al Imam al Kabir Shaykh Ahmad Ridha qadasallahu sirruhu mistaken? Please inform in detail.
    1a) Are these "mistaken issues" that the Shaykh has pointed out in furu` or usul (i.e fiqh or aqida)?
    2) Has the Shaykh read in continuity and in detail the works of al Imam Ahmad Ridha rahimahullah in its original Urdu/Arabic and if so, which works?
    2a) If the Shaykh has not read Imam Ahmad Rida's original works in Arabic/Urdu, then under what authority is he claiming the Imam made mistakes?
    2b) If the Shaykh has read the works in Arabic/Urdu, then has the Shaykh considered the possibility that the Imam may have had proofs which the Shaykh is unaware of
    3) Why is it that the Shaykh states that the Deobandiyya are muntasibun ila Ahl al-Sunnah while also excluding the Ahbash from the same category?
    3a) What would the Shaykh say of the fatawa of the Ulama of Haramayn al Sharifayn excluding the Deobandiyya from this category? Please think carefully and do not use alMuhannad alal Mufannad as an excuse.
    4) What is the Shaykh's view on the fatawa of Husam al-Haramayn and Sawarim al-Hindiyya that were issued on the elders of Deoband?
    5) Has the respected Shaykh read the abhorrent kufr passages of the Deobandi elders on his own as to say that Imam Ahmad Ridha was mistaken or that Sunnis do ta`asub?

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