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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Barreyah, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Wow!!! it especially allahu and ya saddi.
  2. love4all

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    With every breath I take
    Every beating of my heart
    In my word and my silence
    Let there be peace upon you

    Oh fountain of perfection
    Oh ocean of peace
    Oh healer of broken hearts
    How much longer shall we be apart?

    As-salam alayka Ya Habibi Sayyidi
    As-salam alayka Ya Nabi al-Arabi

    salaams all!

    Longtime reader, but never posted before. So... here goes! The lyrics above are not a translation of Urdu or Persian lines. They are from a brand new album by a brother called Talib al-Habib. It's called Songs of Innocence and quite frankly, it's the most fantastic nasheed album I've heard! I haven't been able to take it out of my CD player since I got it!

    All the songs are in English and original compositions. There beautifully spiritual and tranquil nasheeds about, well, love of Allah and Rasulullah (peace upon him). I've never heard any of them before, but the first time you hear it, you feel like youve known the songs your whole life. He's even got a song about love of murshid! (which is probably the best song on the album).

    There all based around zikrs like Allahu, or Sallallahu ala Ta Ha, but what's so amazing is that the lyrics are really deep.

    Im quite critical of nasheeds generally, because I know how beautifl the meanings of Urdu and Arabic nasheeds are, and really nothing in English has come close to this. But, some of this guys words are just, well... see for yourself:

    Silently, the thought of you appears
    Your love is like the touch of spring to me
    and joyfully my blossom soul awakes
    To remembrance that brings tranquility
    Beloved Nabi

    or to describe the shaykh:

    Like a mirror glass reflecting
    In your soul shines the pewrfection
    of the chosen and beloved

    I mean, he uses words like 'wonderment' in his songs, and they fit perfectly with the rhyme and ryhthm of the songs! And the harmonies and tunes just absolutely soar, my sister actually cried when she heard 'Hayya alas Salah.'

    I can't believe I've never heard of this guy before! You've got to check the samples out.

    This will be the next big thing, insha-allah...

    Love 4 all!!

    PS: he uses daff but nothing else. And apparently sings alone, but it sounds like he's got a choir behind him.

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