An Ode by Taj al-Shari'ah

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    An Ode in Praise of Allah and Honor of the Prophet Salla Allahu 'alayhi wasallam


    Taj al-Shari'a, Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Rida Khan al-Qadiri [may he be blessed with a goodly abode]

    Allah, Allah, Allah;
    I have no Lord besides Him

    All are perishing yet He remains;
    There is none who is Endless save Him!

    Whosoever invokes “Ya Huwa,”
    For him is a praiseworthy end

    Whosoever makes his worldly life for my Lord,
    Shall live felicitously till the end of his days

    O my Ilah! For whomsoever You are a Patron
    All of humanity will turn to him as an ally

    Whosoever dies whilst uttering the name “Allah”
    Shall attain everlasting life *

    Allah’s Messenger shall receive him;
    So be of good cheer, O servant, for his excellence!

    Divine pleasure shall descend for him
    The Garden of eternity shall be his repose

    You fear the people for no reason whatsoever;
    Why, then, do you not fear your Lord?

    Seek security with my Lord;
    Security is surely through pious fear of Him

    You forget your Lord, O ever-fading!
    Persist, if you will, in His remembrance

    You put hopes in men for their benefit
    While true benefit is naught save His

    Dare you fear other than my Lord
    When others besides you fear my Lord?

    My Lord is the Lord of Lords
    Absolutely unrivaled — Allah forbid!

    A “lord” other than Him is only lord in name
    And the Ilah of Truth looks after his needs

    He is the One, Singular without compositeness;
    There is no “one” in truth save Him

    Creation is but mirrors of being;
    There is no Being save Him!

    All else are but witnessed manifestations;
    And there is no Witnessed save Him

    In truth there is no Singular save Him;
    There is nothing worshipped in truth but Him

    A torrent of Allah’s benedictions upon the one
    Besides whom there is no intercessor!

    He who, through the religion, enlivened us
    Till Allah resurrects on the morrow

    Who filled the cosmos with his mercy;
    All mercies are in reality his mercy

    Allah’s lands were given increase by him
    All of them are under the shade of his banner
    [the cosmos is under the shade of his banner]

    The beauty of the All-Merciful has come;
    Show gratitude and receive increase in his bounties

    Joy has arrived upon his birth;
    Rejoice until you meet him

    The life of the cosmos is dependent upon him;
    The cosmos would be, were it not for him, non-existent

    O seeker of good pleasure
    There is no good pleasure save through him!

    Be pleased with the Prophet of Allah;
    You will triumph with proximity to him

    O seeker of the grace of his Master:
    Surely, our grace is Ahmad Salla Allahu 'alyhi wasallam [with whom Allah gifted us]

    Express you delight with Allah’s Messenger
    For he is Allah’s bounty, and His glad tidings

    Our helper who provides support by Allah;
    He will never forsake the one who hopes in him

    Rescue your servant, Jilani
    Who, besides you, can avert difficulties?

    May salutations from the Merciful ever visit
    The best of Prophets chosen

    This is Akhtar, the lowliest in your presence
    Bless him, O Lord, with a goodly abode!


    * The great Shaykh's final breath was in taking the Blessed Name of Allah.
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