An Ode to the Messenger of Allah: Part I

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  1. An Ode To The Messenger of Allah


    An Offering of A Sinner to the Intercessor for the Sinners

    (sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)

    by Asif JNaqshbandi-Jama’ati


    Part I. The Creation of the Muhammadan Light and Its’ Journey Through The Generations.

    Mustafa, the Chosen One,

    Is so lovely and so fair

    That none in all Creation

    Can with him ever compare! [4]

    As a Prophet for aeons

    This Light with Its Lord did stay

    Whilst Father Adam was

    Still betwixt water and clay.[8]

    And this Muhammadan Light

    Did dwell with Allah Most High

    Ere Moon and stars and sun and

    Sea; Ere, Throne and Earth and sky![12]

    It existed ‘fore aught else:

    Even before Gabriél.

    And ere the Angel of Death.

    Ere Michael, ere Seraphel! [16]

    When at last The Lord, mankind

    To create He did decide,

    ‘Twas His wish in Adam’s brow

    This radiant Light should reside! [20]

    Thus this secret you should know:

    When to the Angels ‘twas said,

    “Bow ye down to Adam” this

    Light was really meant instead! [24]

    When Adam to Earth did come

    This Light in him too was sent.

    Whence it travell’d from father

    To son, from loin to loin it went. [28]

    Thus ‘twas that in this manner

    Generations did transpire

    And the Light of Muhammad

    Pure Abraham did acquire. [32]

    From the Patriarch this Light

    To Ismail was transferred.

    From thence this honour at last

    On Abdullah was conferred! [36]


    assalamu alaykum. This sinner has penned the above words as part of a longer project insha Allah. Before I go further any feedback would be appreciated.

    wa salam

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