asim hussain visits haq khatib badshah?

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by Adam Yahya, Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    My view:

    I have seen him wear a hood before in photos for no particular reason and indoors as well. It may have been cold or he just forgot to take it off. Unless one was there, I think it would be hard to know for sure whether or not he was trying to snoop in undetected. We must give him the benefit of doubt there I think.

    For all we know, he could have gone there to 'figure' this other person out, a bit like what some of us like doing on this forum.
  2. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member

    asim hussain was spotted by sisters he was waiting and waiting then tried going in undercover. but why go in undercover be open
  3. Abu Hafsah

    Abu Hafsah New Member

    It's some guys looking out the window.
  4. nahim

    nahim New Member

    Fake people always get caught out.
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  5. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    only one word to sum this up is 'gangster'
  6. Mohammed Ali Rizvi

    Mohammed Ali Rizvi New Member


    asim: "DAMN"
    badshah: "yes i do DAMM"
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  7. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته WHAT ARE YOU VIEWS ON THIS BROTHERS & SISTERS...

    Breaking News: Imam Asim made an undercover visit to Haq Badshah Sarkar tried to hide wore his Moroccan Thobe and put the topi thing on to hide but got spotted then he got 'Damm' from Haq Badshah Sarkar.

    He went to visit Haq Badshah Sarkar and he was hiding so no one would recognised him.

    He got caught - He went and kissed Haq Badshah sarkars hand got Dumm done and requested Duas.

    Why did he try and go undercover? I do not understand.

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