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    and the reason for this is because Alahazrat didn't write the poetry for the sake of writing poetry, rather these were actual and real sentiments in his heart. so when he draws analogies between the blessed countenance and shams o duHa and the dark tresses and wa'l layl - he's not doing it to elevate his rank amongst poets - rather Alahazrat truly felt these things!

    as one brother said, 'it's as if a hand comes out of the page and shakes you.'
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    mahir e razwiyat, mawlana abu zohra rizwi, told us that from the various qualities of good poetry; one is that however old and however many times the poetry is read/heard, it seems new and fresh every time.

    mawlana said that this is the case with hadayiq e bakhshish.

    my personally experience tells me the same. all na'ats of the dear prophet sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam are good but there are some that are superlative. the na'ats of alaHazrat are such that they never age. we all hear them all the time but never tire of them.

    listen to this:

    we have all heard this na'at hundreds of times but didn't it sound fresh when you just heard it?

    and why not?
    goonj goonj uThey haiN naghmatey raza sey buustaN
    kyuN na ho! kis phool ki mid'Hat meiN waa minqaar hai

    the melodies of raza (a nightingale) echo resoundingly in garden upon garden
    and why not! do you not see the flower (RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) whose praise makes him part his beak?

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