Auxiliary verbs in Arabic

Discussion in 'Language Notes' started by mabmrqra, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. mabmrqra

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    These forms I have come across:

    kana akala (he had ate)
    kana yakulu (he was eating)
    yakunu akala (he will have ate)
    yakunu yakulu (he will be eating)
    kana sayakulu (he was going to eat)

    The following forms I am not so sure about, do they exist in the classical lexicon?

    kana kana yakulu (he had been eating)
    kana kana sayakulu (he had been going to eat)
    kana yakunu akala (he was going to have ate)
    kana yakunu yakulu (he was going to be eating)
    yakunu sayakulu (he will be going to eat)

    Does anyone know of any discussion of these forms, in general, in any grammar text?

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