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Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Inwardreflection, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Inwardreflection

    Inwardreflection Well-Known Member

    Ok, then this weekend I will speak to some of our Ulema start the framework for a panel and keep you in the loop. Whoever is in, then contact your Ulema and come back with who has agreed.
  2. Juwayni

    Juwayni Active Member

    Count me in.
  3. Inwardreflection

    Inwardreflection Well-Known Member

    We should have a panel of Mufti's (even a few) that the Ummah can rely on to specifically deal with threats as one of their main roles. Dedicated to this role due to the high level of danger. It is the need of this time. Rather than point fingers and waiting for something to happen, let's just make it happen and start this without delay. I'm happy to help with contacting and orchestrating. Who on this forum is happy to take this and run with it?
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  4. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    past oink-oink for which sukhrov can be classed lower than a donkey.
  5. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    two years now, did the 'careful' muftis get time to respond to vicious attack by donkeys on our religion? and in the meantime the study quran happened. except a few ulama with ghayrat, who have spoken up, refuted and some of them expended efforts to get fatawa from around the world. facebook kings who boast of 'millions' of followers mostly remain silent.

    frankly, the kuffar are showing more zeal to protect their 'values' than 'muftis' do in our age to defend our values. astaghfirullahi'l azeem.
  6. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    As this is happening in the UK and getting more and more stupid by the day, the scholars should be informed so they can take action against Avvicenna Academy, just as they took action against a Birmingham scholar a few years ago leading to his repentance. In any case, even with no repentance, the public will hopefully know to stay well clear of such riffraff.
  7. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    This Rehan guy is he an Indian/pakistani with an inferiority complex or what?

    He's unfortunately a loud supporter of atabek the donkey and is a braying ass himself. I mean unfortunate for atabek as he's braying all over atabeks braying.

    Atabek the donkey is an attention seeker. He from his recent Facebook braying, seems to be a donkey who fights imaginary debates with great masters in his own head and wins all arguments by his braying.

    So he is cringing inside as his own braying is sidelined.

    They are both asynchronous loud and confident.

    RUs post with animal pictures reminds me of of an exchange between two kids one of these kids had a conversation level of this chap, which is excusable for the kid as he was 5 or 6.

    Incident was, that the first kid called the second one a dirty fly the other one immediately snapped back, no you're a butterfly....
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  8. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    don't bother about the donkey-followers.
    once their taghut bites the dust, they will all break from the spell.

    this is the product of donkademy. atabek the donkey tried to make it easy for his filthy followers to be bold enough to say such ugly things.

    it is not the fault of the hadith. it is just that the donkey couldn't understand it - and it brays. the donkey-followers have never heard anything sweet, having lived in a shed with other donkeys, they ridicule sweet voices and try to match that with their donkey-guru.

    of course, thereafter all these murtaddeen will have to renew their faith, remarry their [now gone of wedlock] wives.
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  9. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    That follower "Rehan ULLAH" in your post sounds like a Ninowy follower, a yanafi chap. i have a feeling some of Atabek's followers are actually Ninowy's fans who have hidden shiites among themselves

    And why use an iconic American Bison picture for a Buffalo as a metaphor on a British guy who might hardly know much about that exotic animal. Does he mean Zinda Pir is a stupid Buffalo protecting an empty land while standing in the middle of the road waiting to get run-over or shot ? i doubt it.

    However, here in North America, [ and i have a Bison farm in my neighbourhood ], we hardly use them for metaphors on stupidity, except for strength. So, i find Rehan ULLAH use of it amateurish
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  10. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    the donkey has worse followers.

    Disgusting language AstagfurAllah

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  11. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Atabek the donkey

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  12. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    one point is raised that alahazrat waited for a long time to do takfir, and we are quick.

    times have changed.

    in alahazrat's time, it took ages for heresies to be spread. even after years of publishing - books would not have spread in the masses. literacy and book-reading was confined to a very small percentage.

    one could have been patient at that time - and could be extra cautious.

    today, heresies spread very fast. and people mindlessly copy, share etc.

    alHamdulillah, we are not afraid of an objective assessment - but the need of the day is to raise awareness and prevent laymen from falling into traps of frauds like atabek. just as heresies spread fast, the response needs to be fast.

    btw, i will wait for another month to see whether any of the active sunni muftis and ulama on facebook do anything about atabek. or whether they will choose their words carefully, as if walking on egg-shells afraid of damaging their reputations.

    as for me, i never had a reputation to care for. and even if i had, i will happily sacrifice it to save a sunni or two. in sha'Allah.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
  13. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    brother, we live in a different age.

    there was a time when elegant arguments, eloquently put could shame a heretic. nowadays, in their 15 minutes of fame, they have no time for nuance or read an objective argument. they just remind me of the beast folk.

    take hamza yusuf for example. the king of nuance. he might be ruffled by a few sarcastic jibes and he will write in anguish: "was this ambition?" and bemoan that men have lost their reason and wait until his heart come back to him.

    but atabek? he is a donkey. he wouldn't know if sarcasm and irony hit him on the head with a twenty pound hammer.
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  14. izz al-Din

    izz al-Din Well-Known Member

    Just in case people, think, we don't understand and hence are "takfiris", we consider each nuance, so that our arguments against each schism, is just and has depth.
    Personal thought's this is part of the qarn e shay tan project worldwide, I will start a new thread.
  15. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the point is not whether it mutawatir lafzi or not. the point is that atabek is mocking a hadith which is mutawatir and calling it lies.
    this is just one point. we haven't discussed other issues which the donkey calls as lies.

    frankly, i am not really interested in the nuance, and i will ignore it* - the donkey has been braying wildly for some time now and i will take the literal ruling of ulama who ruled one who rejects hadith mutawatir is a kafir. period. go investigate the nuance and feel happy at keeping quiet.

    i will call atabek both a murtadd and a donkey.

    sub'HanAllah, when a donkey openly and audaciously wants to reject a mutawatir hadith and well-known masayil at the altar of his mutazili tawagheet, why should i give him any consideration?
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  16. izz al-Din

    izz al-Din Well-Known Member

    Bro can u mention if their are three rulings?
    For khabar ahad and mutawatar ma'anawi and the last mutawatar ma'anawi and lughawi? As to the hukm?
    Apart from the fact that atabek maybe severely unwell and delusional, into thinking he can overlook a Sahih Ahadith like Imam e Adham, reconciled Ahadith. and, so, trying to use the usool of the Madhab, thinking he can do the same following someone's agenda?
    Even though all the takhrij, tarjih and tashih has been completed save on new issues limited to that, we're Fataawa are needed, so, he might he be walking into someone's agenda of trying to undermining Islam, part of qarn e shay tan project, I will start a new thread for that.
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  17. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    not just inkaar. he is making fun of it. istihzaa.

    al-iyadhu billah, what is the difference between atabek the donkey and the mustahziyin among the kuffar?
  18. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    miftah al-jannah of suyuti p.2-3 (it is in the opening, if you have any new edition)

    "know ye, may Allah have mercy upon you. whoever rejects that a hadith of the Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam whether spoken or of action (qawlan aw fiylan) - is validated and usable as evidence (Hujjah) according to the well known condition in principles; such a rejection is kufr and the person goes out of boundaries of islam and will be raised with jews and christians - or whoever Allah ta'ala wishes to raise him among the other groups of infidels (kafirs)"​

    one may say that atabek doesn't reject hujjiyyah of sunnah, but rejects this hadith. in which case the above citation is only a preamble.
    miftahsuyuti 2-3.jpg
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  19. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    for brothers who are not really sure.

    denying a hadith is kufr. because it is rejecting the saying of RasulAllah sallALlahu alayhi wa sallam.

    denying a hadith - on the basis that it is not established - as ulama grade hadith, even wahabis reject dayif hadith etc. is rejecting the sanad and rejecting that RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam said that - not rejecting his saying.

    now, a SaHiH hadith means that it has been reported through authentic chain - by trustworthy narrators.
    when it is corroborated by many routes/multiple narrators - or what is known as massively narrated - mutawatir, it is incredible to believe that all of them conspired to perpetuate a lie.

    thus, a mutawatir hadith has a very strong and undeniable backing that it has been said by RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

    you can argue about its implication, you can argue about its applicability, but calling it a lie is upturning the whole system.

    now, making fun of it, is an altogether another level.

    you muslim!


    ask yourself. when someone makes fun of a hadith that is rigorously authenticated and is even mutawatir - and the person implicates, al-iyadhu billah, your Master sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam of insulting Allah. astaghfirullah. you don't feel a thing?

    besides, this is not an isolated, slip-of-the-tongue, kinda mistake. atabek the donkey has been rallying against hadith for sometime now.

  20. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator


    regardless of the ramblings and ravings of a fat and ugly monster who is incapable of even speaking properly - carrying feces in his intestines all the time - and those who are created from a dirty drop of water - they forget their lowly origins and become so haughty that they want to fight with ALlah sub'Hanahu wa ta'ala.



    sub'HanAllah. Allah ta'ala does what He Wishes.

    atabek the donkey can go hang himself or jump in the Thames.
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