Ayasofya and the liberal mulhideen

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    Shaykh Asrar on Aya Sofya:

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    maybe his rapport with the saudis has diminished after the current king and he doesn't want to miss an opportunity for currying favor with other powerful lobbies .. seeing as Malaysia is not that big a name and might give in to pressure.

    Besides, this an important part of wahabi history - the destruction of holy sites (see he quoted the hadith about Mawla 'Ali (karram Allahu wajhahu) being sent out - a favorite hadith which they misapply to mazaars) - and, irrespective of the current mood in riyaadh, these small players who thrive on such arguments can't see them being jeopardized.

    And Allah knows best.
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    for once in his life this wahabi althagh has spoken correctly. wish he could see context, meanings, implications, etc. on other matters too

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    so many damaru beaters - each with masses of spectators around them - paying with their faith for the pleasing sounds and acrobatics.
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    this was the very first open letter written to benedict xvi qaatalahullah back in october 2006, right after his regensburg lecture in sept 2006.

    it's becoming increasingly hard to find it online now, so attaching it here, see the pdf (and save it). it appeared in the islamica magazine, of which sohail nakhooda, keller's associate, was the editor in chief

    this site still has it in html page, but i don't know how long it's gonna stay there - https://www.islamicity.org/7706/muslim-scholars-letter-to-pope-benedict/

    the 'a common word' letter and initiative was the next step after this initial open letter.

    see the list of 38 signatories and think well about the shenanigans of each one of them. sure some of them might not be as popular as others in front of some audiences, you and i might not know much about the slovenian or bosnian mufti for example. the more i think about it now in 2020, the more confused i get if it was a coordinated & planned effort by colonial assets against Islam, or was it coincidental and based on jahl murakkab and they became assets unwittingly as they looked for more opportunities for fame and money.

    some of them might have just signed the letter without reading it back then, being the busy folks they are, but seeing the state of affairs now, that's becoming increasingly hard to believe. the least i can say is that some otherwise sincere people might have been stringed along by the colonial assets among them due to lack of ilm and hikmah.

    keller's murreds once told me that all it took for him to get the jordanian citizenship was one single letter to the king- supposedly a karamah. when i saw this open letter to pope and keller too being a signatory, and the shenanigans of the royal aal al-bayt society, a common word team, and so on, i very strongly felt there's much more to this karamah than meets the eye. hossein nasr for example is a part of these 38 signatories.

    Allah help us.

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    Sohail Younus Nakhooda is the executive director and head of research and publishing at Kalam Research and Media in Dubai. Nakhooda was the founding editor in chief of Islamica Magazine, based in Jordan, which emphasizes cross-cultural dialogue and provides a forum for Muslims from around the world to discuss issues of concern. Nakhooda was also an editor for Encounters, the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, and the Muslim World Book Review. He holds a B.Sc. from the London School of Economics, an M.A. from University of Nottingham, and a postgraduate certificate from St. Thomas Aquinas Pontifical University. He was one of the original signatories of "A Common Word Between Us and You," a letter addressed to Christian leaders in an appeal for peace and cooperation between the two religions.

    The Guy along with Nuh Ha Mim Keller has infiltrated Ahl Sunnah to poison Sunni Muslims

    Most of you have come across, Hamza Yusuf Hanson & Bin Bayyah and his trips to UAE to condemn Syrians, i guess this is the new trend, take money from politicians and sell your religion.
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    Sohail Nakhoodha has always been an Uncle Tom since he was studying at , I believe, LSE. Anyone who is upset by this action of President Erdogan needs to seriously check their hearts for imaan. I hope it stays a masjid now till Yawm al Qiyamah. Imran Hosein started off as a Sunni scholar but in recent years he has turned into a quack with his obsession with Eastern Orthodoxy. He seems to reinterpret everything through this new lense!

    What would Ertugrul Ghazi have thought of these apologists! Allah protect Erdogan. He's the only Sunni leader I can currently think of who stands up for Islam and what he believes. Sadly in Islamabad, we have another 'peacenik' who is now building a Hindu temple!

    It's funny how these libtards only ever get upset when non-Muslim sentiments are hurt but never when its Muslims on the receiving end!
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    wow. just wow.

    afaik he's a close associate of mr. nuh "intrinsically possible to lie" keller

    back in the day when i respected nuh keller before he showed that it is intrinsically possible for him to lie, i bought the Dalailul Khayrat from one of his/his mureeds religio-e-commerce websites and that name is acknowledged quite handsomely. as soon as you mentioned it, i checked my copy of the Dalail and did some googling.

    lo and behold


    emphasis mine. but i love the part where they state very candidly that that letter was addressed to christian leaders in an appeal



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  14. AbdalQadir

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    i always knew imran hosein to be a perfect example of a quack, but didn't expect open blasphemies even from him

    like all western agents wearing turbans, he too is so hurt at Ayasofya turning a mosque again, and has issued a sincere apology (listen to him say "Madinah or yathrib")

    in this 2 yr old video, listen between 7:00 and 7:30, he calls churches, synagogues, and temples as "house of Allah", later on he says Sultan Muhammad Fatih rahimahullah (a Maturidi Hanafi mujahid and pious wali) took the place "by satanic design"

    here, he seems to have a book praising Mawlana Abdul Aleem Siddiqi's rahimahullah engagement with george bernard shaw, but don't let that fool you

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