Ayat 40/41 of Surat Nazi'at Considered.

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    Assalam alaykum,
    In Ayat 40-41 of Surat Nazi'at of the Holy Qur'an (79:40/41) Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala says:--

    "But for him who feared his Lord [on the Judgement Day] and forbade the
    soul its caprice, surely paradise will be the refuge."

    This Noble Ayat is explained by a Hadith in which Jabir, may Allah be pleased with him, reported the Prophet, peace be upon him, said that "the things that I fear most for my community are: following [one's] passion and expecting too much [of this world ]. Following one's passion turns one away from the Truth, whereas expecting too much [of this world] renders one forgetful of the Hereafter. Know, therefore, that struggling aginst the soul is the beginning of worship."

    For further reading along this line, see
    Al-Qushayri's "Epistle On Sufism."

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