Ayat 97 of Surat Nahli Considered.

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    Assalam alaykum,
    Ayat 97 of Surta Nahli of the Holy Qur'an (16:97) reads:--

    "And whosoever does a righteous deed, be it male or female, and is a
    believer, We shall assuredly give him a goodly life to live."

    Many commentators say: The goodly life in this life means contentment. And still on this, one may bring in Abu Hurairah's report in the Hadith where the Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said: "Be scrupulous and you will be the greatest worshiper of [all] people; be content and you will be the most thankful of [all] people; wish for other people what you wish for yourself, and you will be a faithful [servant]; be a good neighbour to those who live near you and you will be a [true] believer. And laugh little, for much laughter murders the heart."
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