Balfour Centenary

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    the question is - what have we done and what are we doing to deserve a salah al deen?

    Remember that great people do not fall from the skies - they arise from the very society that surrounds them.

    Have we produced the social conditions, the moral milieu which can produce a leader of the stature of salah al deen?

    Leave the wider scene - what about our own homes?

    Hundred years since Balfour, twenty-five since Baabri.

    In these intervening years - has the ummah changed it's direction towards or away from the path of the salaf? Did the loss of Palestine have any effect on the lives of those living in security? Did our customs and habits, nay, our hopes and fears have any perceptible change?

    Let this centenary be an occasion for self-reflection and introspection. And of-course prayers and repentance.

    dekhein hain ye din apne hi gaflat ki badulat
    shikwa hai zamane se na qismat se gila hai

    jo kuchh hai sab apne hi hathon ke hain kartoot
    sach hai ke bure kaam ka anjaam bura hai


    Chup ke logo(n) se kiye jiske gunah
    Woh khabardaar hai kya hona hai

    Are O mujhrim e be-parwah dekh
    Sar pe talwaar hai kya hona hai

    Kaam zindan ke kiye aur hame
    Shawke gulzaar hai kya hona hai


    May Allah ta'ala have Mercy on our states and grant us tawfeeq to better our zaahir and baatin and make our actions better than our speech.

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    Ya Allah grant the Ummah another Sultan Salahuddin, Ameen
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