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    It's such a simple concept.

    1. I am from Ahlu's Sunnah.

    2. I am from an Indian background.

    3. Indian wahabis (devbandis) - to deceive Muslims from outside India - call me 'Barelwi' to make it seem I'm a different sect.

    4. Ergo, 'Barelwi' is quite simply a name given to Indian Sunnis.

    5. Ergo, 'Barelwi' is not a new sect.

    6. So even those Sunnis who don't know about #Alahazrat will be labelled 'Barelwi' because obviously, the beliefs of Sunnis are the same worldwide.

    7. Whoever sticks to the necessities of Ahlu's Sunnah is a Sunni. This person may get called a 'Barelwi' for this.
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