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    indeed. the real alahazrat cannot be known except through his works.

    one can attend endless lectures on the personality of alahazrat, read his biographies written by people and listen to all kinds of lengthy discourses about his mastery, his genius and his piety.

    and yet, something will always evade you.

    the real alahazrat, you meet in his books, not in the lecture hall.

    through his books, he speaks to you, directly, looking you in the eye. in his books he is a living and breathing personality - he is alive.
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    am i a barelwi? yes, of course.

    "but on occasions, you have said that you are sunni and not barelwi - so why the change of heart?"

    there is no change of heart. alahazrat is a barelwi by his domicile. by extension, his followers are known as barelwi. alahazrat imam ahmad rida khan was an imam of ahl al-sunnah and identified himself as a sunni. anyway, as it happens in this world, certain appellations catch on, and sunnis are known as barelwis in the subcontinent.

    the enemies of ahl al-sunnah - wahabis, devbandis etc. - began to use the term 'barelwi' as a pejorative and tried to push it as a term for a sect, or for those who have deviated from the sunnah. in fact, antics of sufi-claimants and ugly innovations are all attributed to 'barelwism' without second thought.

    for example a madcap heretic like tahir jhangvi is termed a 'barelwi' and insisted upon, whereas neither are his actions are permitted by alahazrat, nor does the person (i.e. tahir himself) wishes to be called a barelwi.

    when ISIS or some other terrorist group commits some outrage, kuffar routinely blame islam and muslims. then, everybody takes pains to make the differentiation between islam and the 'islam-claimed-by-terrorists'. yet, these people do not hesitate when slandering alahazrat or sunnis from the subcontinent.

    alahazrat or "barelwis" should be measured by the fatawa of their imam and not by what some followers do or say.

    nas'alu Allaha al-aafiyah.

    when some attack - terrorist or otherwise - happens in the world, people proudly proclaim that they stand together with the victims by slogans such as: 'we are all parisian". f'example, see here.

    when ahl al-sunnah is attacked by defaming and slandering 'barelwis' or the followers of alahazrat; and by implication, the imam of ahl al-sunnah - sunnis should stand together in solidarity with the sunnis from the subcontinent.

    yes, i am a barelwi.
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    It's such a simple concept.

    1. I am from Ahlu's Sunnah.

    2. I am from an Indian background.

    3. Indian wahabis (devbandis) - to deceive Muslims from outside India - call me 'Barelwi' to make it seem I'm a different sect.

    4. Ergo, 'Barelwi' is quite simply a name given to Indian Sunnis.

    5. Ergo, 'Barelwi' is not a new sect.

    6. So even those Sunnis who don't know about #Alahazrat will be labelled 'Barelwi' because obviously, the beliefs of Sunnis are the same worldwide.

    7. Whoever sticks to the necessities of Ahlu's Sunnah is a Sunni. This person may get called a 'Barelwi' for this.

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