Bearing love towards heretics

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    #Alahazrat says in izalat al aar:

    Commentating on 68:9 of the Qur'an:

    They wish that you would soften [in your position], so they would soften [toward you].

    The polymath Shah Abd al-Aziz Muhaddith Dihlawi writes:

    'The one who forms friendship and bears love for innovators, the light of faith (nūr e īmān) is taken away from him.'

    [Tafsir Azizi]

    --End of quote--

    This is a stark warning to those Sunnis who have ties with devbandis, rafidis etc.

    There are many public figures amongst Sunnis who promote ahl al-bid'ah. This isn't #Alahazrat warning you that you wave it off - it's the teacher in hadith of all scholars of the subcontinent.

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