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    Forward this post to all your WhatsApp groups and social media. Excellent.
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    The irony of the new age of ignorance

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    Here is a Fatwa regarding Zikr in Naats that sounds like Daff, not exactly beatboxing but similar and far more popular in Naat videos these days:

    Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.19.44 pm.png Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.20.01 pm.png Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.20.16 pm.png
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    aH's post should be read out loud at the beginning of mehfils/mawlids as a reminder to attendees so that they may rectify their intentions.

    If would be good if someone could translate the post into Urdu and formally type it (in Urdu font) and PDF it (as well as the English version; so there would be two versions). It can then be distributed and shared with others.
  6. Paradise Seeker

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    One of the guys from the below videos is going around telling people he's a 'superstar' i kid you not.....these people treat na'at like western entertainment, no adab, humility or respect!
  7. Brother Barry

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    Na I think you're generalising a bit to much in saying UK Pakistanis want to be like Daft Danny, the majority of us would never want to be like that in a million years. Please don't tar the majority with the same brush that should have been used for a minority.

    PS. Danny was ridiculed for that performance by practically everyone I know, and I could hardly blame them since words fail to describe how deluded the poor lad is. Youngsters need better parenting taking place within the home and encouragement to attend Sunni islamic gatherings to keep them well grounded in what the actual purpose of their life is, i.e seeking knowledge & working for the Akhira. Once their muslim identity is strengthened then they will automatically avoid such gangster rapper wannabe antics
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  9. Aqdas

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    aH's post should be bookmarked by all. Phenomenal.
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  10. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    amraniq can you please elaborate. i'm a music dunce and all music is the same to me.
  11. Amraniq

    Amraniq Auzu Basmala

    the second video is very very evil the way it is made, i highly recommend that no one watches it as the effects are so bad that it leaves ones mentality in a very disabled state if you can understand and are highly sensitive in absorbing music then you can see how evil this compilation is.
  12. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Well-Known Member

    After seeing this video last year I decided to ask a qualified Sunni scholar about this, I forwarded him the video and asked 4 questions about it. You can see the questions & the reply I received below:

    Naat Beatbox only in Bradfordsharif:

    Asalaam Alaykum Shaykh Qamar I hope you are well my dear brother.

    Could you please put some light of islamic knowledge on the above matter, the brothers seem to be at a mefil e Mawlid reciting a Naat whilst beatboxing with the mouth which is a form imitation of musical sounds that are commonly used by non muslim rappers in their songs etc...

    1) Is this permitted within sharia?

    2) Does it go against Adab?

    3) What would be the effects on the individuals listening to such performances, would they be sinful like those who listen to music?

    4) And are the performers themselves sinful for doing this like musicians etc

    The following is the answer by Shaykh Qamar Ilyas Al Madni of Dawat e islami.

    Walaykum Asalaam

    Short answers in order of questions:

    1) Not permitted within shariah
    2) Sinful - as it is definitely against Adab
    3) Sinful
    4) Sinful (as it is Haram according to the fatwa we follow)
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  13. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    in the first place, na'at is not meant to be mere entertainment. (see conditions of sama'a in imam ghazali's iHya'a)

    na'at is a form of meditation, that should evoke feeling of adab and of obedience to the shariah - that which encourages one to do good, be good; that should make one realise how lacking we are in observing our duty:

    Zalamtu sunnata man aHya'z Zalama ila
    ani'shtakat qadamahu'D Durra min warami

    when pious people immersed in worship of Allah ta'ala, are overcome by the realisation of their frailty and of their of their immense fear of the Wrath of the Almighty, which threatens to overrun their souls - they seek to quench this fire by soothing words and to recall the Mercy of the Almighty, and that we are not alone - we have someone who will speak for us and intercede for us:

    na ho ma'yus aati hai, Sada gor e gharibaN se
    nabi ummat ka Haami hai, khuda bandoN ka waali hai

    for people like us - may Allah ta'ala forgive us - people steeped in sin and neglect, failing and faltering, hastening to fulfill our desires, lazy and lacking in doing our duty; people like us, who have wasted their lives chasing a chimera and whiling away time in vain pursuits and games:

    muft paala tha kabhi kaam ki aadat na paDi
    ab amal puuchtey haiN haay nikamma teraa

    such ingrates whom Allah ta'ala showered with his bounties, but instead of being thankful, we became more audacious in opposing His Commands (may Allah ta'ala forgive us):

    din lahw meiN khonaa tujhey, shab Sub'H tak sonaa tujhey
    sharm e nabiy, khawf e khudaa, yeh bhi nahiN woh bhi nahiN

    rizq e khudaa khaya kiya farman e Haqq Taala kiyaa
    shukr e karam tars e sazaa, yeh bhi nahiN woh bhi nahiN

    ab aap-hi sambhaleN to, kaam apne sambhal jaayeN
    hum ne to kamaayi sab, kheloN meiN ganwaayi hai

    when such hardened criminals listen to exhortation to amend their ways, mayhap they may return...

    raah pur khaar hai kya honaa hai
    paaNv afgaar hai kya honaa hai

    chhup ke logoN se kiye jiske gunaah
    woh khabardaar hai kya honaa hai

    arey O mujrim e beparwah dekh
    sar pey talwaar hai kya honaa hai

    kaam zindaaN ke kiye aur hameN
    shauq e gulzaar hai kya honaa hai

    muNh dikhane ka nahiN aur saHar
    aam darbaar hai kya honaa hai

    so when criminals like us, realise that they are treading on the path to fire, the fear may return; the pious ones fear in spite of their righteousness out of the Awe of the Almighty; and thieves like us fear because we deserve the punishment, and if we have no help, we are doomed:

    unko raHm aaye to aaye warna
    woh kaDi maar hai kyaa honaa hai

    people like us, weak and torn might despair (al-iyadhu billah) staring at the consequences, and to stop us from falling, pious men teach us:

    woh sharaf ke qaT'a haiN nisbateN woh karam ke sab se qareeb haiN
    koyi kah do ya'as o umeed sey - woh kaheeN nahiN, woh kahaaN nahiN

    mujrim bulaye aaye haiN jaauka hai gawaah
    phir rad ho kab yeh shaan kareemoN ke dar ki hai

    so we run to the door of the saviour:

    chor Hakim se chupa karte haiN yaaN us ke khilaaf
    tere daaman meiN chupe chor anokha teraa

    uff be-HayayiyaN ke yeh muNh aur tere huzuur
    haaN tuu kareem hai, teri khuu dar guzar ki hai

    tujh se chupaaun muNh to karun kis ke saamne
    kya aur bhi kisi se tawaqqu' nazar ki hai

    jaauN kahaN, pukaruN kisey kis ka munH takuuN?
    kya pursish aur jaa bhi sag-e-behunar ki hai?

    ah! a drowning man gropes for a straw, and here is a magnificent and glorious ship!

    dariya ka josh naav na beDa na naakhoda
    maiN Duuba tuu kahaN hai mere shaah le khabar!

    dil abas khawf sey patta saa uDaa jaata hai
    palla halka sahi bhaari hai barosaa teraa

    itni arz e aakhri kah do koyi
    naav TuuTi aa paDey manjhdaar hum


    mu'min huN mu'minoN pe ra'uf o raHeem ho
    saayil huN saayiloN ko khushi laa nahar ki hai

    and also -

    sarwar e deeN leejey apne naatawanoN ki khabar
    nafs o shaytaaN, sayyidaa! kab tak dabatey jaayeNge

    baHr e saayil ka huN saayil; na kuNweN ka pyaasa
    khud bujha jaaye kalejaa mera, cheeNTaa teraa

    ahl e amal ko unke amal kaam aayeNgey
    meraa hai kaun tere siwaa aah! le khabar

    indeed, wretches and tramps like us - when given a lifeline, hold on to this strong rope, and a glimmer of hope-

    munH bhi dekha hai kisi ke afw kaa?
    dekh! O isyaaN, nahiN be-yaar hum!

    ay raza Tuufaan e maHshar ke TalaTum se na Darr
    shaad ho! haiN kashti e ummat ko langar yeDHiyaaN

    be aSl o be sabaat huN baHr e karam madad
    parwardah e kinaar saraab o Hubaab huN

    da'awa hai sab se teri shafa'at pey peshtar
    daftar meiN aaSiyoN ke shaha intikhaab huN
    because he is the last hope:

    aaney do ya Dubo do ab to tum'hari jaanib
    kashti tumhiN pey choRi langar uThaa diye haiN

    josh e TuufaN baHr be paayaN hawaa naa-saazgaar
    NuH ke mawla karam kar le to beDa paar hai

    patience, my wretched heart; why do you rush, my sinful soul? do you fear that you may be left behind?

    kareem aysa mila ke jiske khule haiN haath aur bharey khazane
    bataO ay mufliso ke phir kyuN tumhara dil iztiraab meiN hai?

    and as we are hauled out on the deck, soaked in sin, we weep for joy:

    aankh kholo ghamzado! dekho woh giriyaaN aaye haiN
    lawH e dil se naqsh e gham ko ab miTaatey jaayeN ge

    gul khiley gaa aaj yeh un ki naseem e fayz sey
    khuun rotey aayeNge, hum muskaratey jaayeN ge

    mere gar che gunah haiN Had se siwaa; magar un se ummeed hai tujh se rajaa
    tu RaHeem hai, unka karam hai gawaah; woh kareem haiN teri aTaa ki qasam

    and certainly, we will be washed and cleansed of our sin, and our parched throats will be drowned in sweet and pure water:

    jis ki do buund haiN kawsar o salsabeel
    hai woh raHmat ka dariya hamara nabi

    merey kareem se gar qaTrah kisi ne maanga
    dariya baha diye haiN durbey baha diye haiN

    so we say:

    jin ko suu e aasmaaN phaylaa ke jal thal bhar diye
    Sadqah un haathon ka pyare hum ko bhi darkaar hai

    mawt nazdeek gunahoN ke taheeN mayl ke khaul
    aa baras jaa ke naha, dho le ye pyaasa teraa


    barastaa nahiN dekh kar abr e raHmat
    badoN par bhi barsa de barsaane waaley

    chamak tujh se paatey haiN sab paaney waaley
    mera dil bhi chamka de chamka ne waaley

    one should listen to na'at to increase one's love for Allah ta'ala and His Messengers or His friends (awliya) - which should lead to following in their path diligently and scrupulously adhere to the sunnah; or to persuade one's heart to refrain from indulging in pleasures of the world, by reciting lines full of wisdom and reflection on the temporal nature of this mundane world.

    if the objective is to merely use poetry to justify antics and imitation of fussaq and extol the dunya (what with bentley cars) then it is mazmum.

    wAllahu a'alam.
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  14. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    correct; so then let us first look at the rulings already present, before giving personal opinions

    this does not change the fiqh rulings. open the door, and you will soon see worse.

    which reminds me of the Prophetic Hadeeth that this ummah will imitate all what the Jews and Christians have done of yore, to the extent that if one entered the hole of a lizard, this ummah will do that too.

    Hazrat Mufti Akhtar Raza sahab has already categorically ruled this sort of imititating, as prohibited. please listen to the clip in this link. (there are many more such answers)

    maybe the disrespect is not "intended" because of their ignorance, but it definitely is disrespect - and ignorance is no excuse. probably not as bad as that of nmk / au et al, but prohibited nevertheless.

    and to me it looks more like crass commercialization.
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  15. IslamIsTheTruth

    IslamIsTheTruth Active Member

    I said wannabe not full on.

    I'm from the same country.
    Doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.
    And I can say I have grown up in an area which was rife with 'gangster', 'different' culture.
    These popstars would be laughed at.
    Nothing to be proud of just pointing out a fallacy.
    P.s I'm not desi inclined.
    I just call a spade a spade.

    It's not befitting. Each to their own. You have your opinion I have mine.
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  16. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    true blue --

    blues --

    actually it didn't look like a full on gangster video per se going just by the video and the backdrop.

    that is for the fuqahaa to decide. what i'm saying is that these guys should be given the benefit of doubt since they live in a different country, most probably had a different upbringing, and almost certainly are appealing to a different audience.

    i didn't see blatant mockery or disrespect in there, the kind you see with the likes of noman khan or azhar usmani and so on. certainly not like that 'i'm happy' video that came out some months back. but i stand to be corrected.
  17. IslamIsTheTruth

    IslamIsTheTruth Active Member

    I dont think any of this has any thing to do with lack of 'desi'ism' or anything of the sorts.
    This is pure an utter jahalat.
    It should be condemned.
    Reciting a naat sharif to a back drop of a wannabe ganster video shoot isn't what I would call fiqhi ikhtilaf.
    And on the topic of reaching out to the blues listening American type Muslims, well the ex ganster rappers who left the rap and music scene to enter Islam, should be something for them to ponder on.
  18. FaqirHaider

    FaqirHaider Shajar-e-Sharjeel Shajar-e-Uthman

    It always better to look for an excuse when appropriate, rather than jump to aggressive remarks. I remember watching a video of Mufti Akmal Sahab ( hafizullah) in which the questioner had asked how these "naat khwan' these days are reciting the naat in the rythm, and melodies copied from Bollywood music, is it permissible? he replied saying Fiqh wise there is nothing against it, though he did say the spiritually speaking it is not befitting to do such things in such manner. I would have posted the video here, but it was a random Q/A video from youtube.
  19. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    their style does indeed seem western as is obvious but it doesn't look like they're making a mockery or doing it for gags. (see noman khan, azhar usmani, etc. and see the difference)

    i wonder if when Islam first came to india, the Arabs too would have criticized us of making a mockery of deen only because we sing naats in our style with heavy desi cultural overtones

    we as desi Muslims as a community, simply can't deny that their is a section of subcontinental scholars who consider qawwalis as halal.

    for those who consider qawwali halal and who do participate in it, will the Muslims from other parts of the world who also consider naats with music as halal - say that indian Muslims are trying to ape the hindus and hindu culture?

    perhaps they think they can reach out to more true blues as well as american/western born desis if they adopt such rap styles and wear formal trousers and shirts with ties, etc etc etc!!

    as for the doing it for money part, so many maulanas with big beards and imamas do it too. these guys may well have good intentions apart from money, and may well not have such intentions and be in it only for the money. i don't know how and why but in the recent past, a lot of commercial sufism has been coming out of pakistan mainly.

    i think hard core desis need to come to grip with the fact that there are indeed desis who are only so by ethnicity, but have come up with their own unique set of cultural mores or borrowed them from other cultures, for any number of reasons, and we simply shouldn't expect them to behave like people from back home (who are ALSO increasingly losing touch with Muslim and good old fashioned desi-Muslim culture. what i see among a lot of Muslim indians is that their is a big push to be more 'indian' than Muslim.)

    1. a person could be a desi desi and be a good Muslim
    2. a person could be a desi desi and be a bad Muslim
    3. a person could be an american born modified* desi and be a good Muslim
    4. a person could be an american born modified desi and be a bad Muslim

    * i say modified as opposed to confused. although i use the acronym abcd in jest, in all honesty i would call them confused only if i believed being desi desi was the ideal to aspire to, which i don't. i don't believe being hard core UP-wala cultural Muslim or hard core hyderabadi or gujrati cultural Muslim is the ideal to aspire to. the only ideals i see worth aspiring to are Islamic ideals and the teachings of our Islamic elders.
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  20. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    its all about making quick bucks, in the name of "sufism".

    these money crazy idiots must be derided & shamed before such insolence becomes a cult.

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