Beautiful advice in reciting Surah al Mulk from Shaykh al Islam Imam Ahmad Rida

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  1. Beautiful advice in reciting Surah al Mulk from Shaykh al Islam Mujaddid Imam Ahmad Rida rahmatullahi ‘alaihi

    QUESTION: Can one recite Surah Mulk while he is alive or can someone recite for him after his demise for the protection in the Qabar? What quantity of bread must be given in charity to the poor?

    ANSWER: Perform this virtuous act every year of your life for the purpose of Isaal al Thawaab. There is no specific quantity stipulated for Sadqah in Sharee’ah. Whenever possible, give charity with clean earnings (bread or naan). It is not a good practice to do it continuously and then omit it.

    There are numerous benefits mentioned in the Hadith Shareef concerning this Blessed Surah. There are no other Surahs or virtue equivalent to the recitation of Surah Mulk for the evasion of the punishment of the grave and tranquillity in it. When the Angels of Punishment try to approach the reciter of this Surah from all sides in the grave, this Mubarak Surah rebukes the Angels, “Do not come close to this person. He recited me regularly.” The Angels will reply, “We are sent by Allah I whose speech you are.” The Surah will say, “Wait till I return. Do not go near him.” This Surah will rush off to the Divine Presence of Allah I and dispute with Him in such a manner that no creation will have the courage to do so. So much so that there will be a delay in the pardoning of the reciter.

    The sacred Surah will again request Allah I for pardon by saying, “Oh Allah I! This person regularly recited me and You do not forgive him. O Allah I! If I am not your Kalaam then remove me from Your Kitaab (Qur’an).” Then the Merciful Lord I will reply, “Go back, I have forgiven him.” Surah Mulk will immediately proceed to Jannah and get silk clothes, a comfortable pillow, flowers and fragrance. It will return with all these gifts to the grave. It will then console the person who recites it very lovingly saying to him, “I hope you did not feel frightened and uncomfortable in my absence.” The sacred Surah will lay the comfortable bedding on the floor of the grave for the person who recites it to relax. Allah I will order the Angels of Punishment to return at once.

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