Benefits Of Zikr.

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    Sayyiduna Jabir RadiAllahu Tala Anhu says, I heard the beloved and the blessed Prophet ﷺ saying, the best zikr of all is لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ and the best dua of all is الحَمْد لله

    (Sunan Ibn Majah, pp. 248, vol. 4, Hadis 3800)
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    As you are aware, Zikr is one of, if not the most important form of Ibadat in Islam. Zikr or Remembrance of Allah Ta'ala comes in many ways--such as Tahmid (Praising Allah), Takbir (Exalting Allah), Tasbih (Glorifying Allah) and Praying/salat upon the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Infact, others hold that obeying Allah on His commands and prohibitions amount to Zikr.
    There are lots of benefits we stand to gain from, if we indulge in in the Remembrance of Allah always. Mufti Sa'eed Mukh faarud Deen listed 100 benefits of Zikr, which are hereby attached. Open/peruse them and see for yourself....we stand to GAIN from these 100 benefits and MORE if we indulge in ZIKR.
    May Allah Ta'ala Help us...ameen
    Best Wishes.

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