bizarre poem in Pakistani English Books

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by abu Hasan, Dec 7, 2005.

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    This is the poem that appears in the book:
    And here is what it should actually have been.
    The Loser:
    Poor and pathetic, lousy, unfair
    Ready to shoot with a cowboy’s air
    Easy to murder, has a psycho’s zeal
    Strong in his head, sickly unreal
    Is a puppet who utters, mainly what he’s told
    Doesn’t know a thing, can be easily trolled
    Eyes have a blight, are blank as a cuckoo
    Never learnt anything, nor childhood outgrew
    Tells ludicrous lies; yet, has not a clue.
    Gore, blood and massacre; torture his delight
    Ever wondered why he always wants t’ fight?
    Over and over his drivel we hear
    Ravages whole nations and sheds not a tear
    Guantanamo he sends - innocent undeserved
    Even defends killing babies - the filthy coward.
    Wants to enslave the world and to command
    But beaten he is – in war and in peace [Defeated he is, may his losses increase]
    Undone he will be and his evil shall cease;
    Sadist is he; a fascist, a racist, a loser unjust
    Here ends his sordid tale, that only evokes disgust
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