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    Ma sha' Allah! Well done!
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    Hazrat Allamah Shah Turab al Haq Qadiri's du'a and message urging all to download the Blessed Days Android App and to support the work of TheSunniWay!

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    Blessed Days App - Developed by

    Alhamdulillah, launched on the 71st birthday of one of the greatest scholars alive today, Taajush Shari'ah Mufti Akhtar Rida Khan, TheSunniWay presents the "Blessed Days" Android Application. This app allows you to see current/upcoming important events in Islam, such as important days, nights and Urs/Birth dates of the Awliya. The aim of this app is to increase our spiritual connection to our pious predecessors by making Fatiha and learning about them through this app, which in sha Allah will be a means towards them interceeding for us in the hereafter!

    Features include:
    - Upcoming Events/Occasions
    - Browse all events on month/day basis.
    - Information about event/personality provided when available (database being continuously updated)
    - Clean, Modern UI.
    - Sharing integration (share information via WhatsApp, Facebook etc)
    - Daily Notifications reminding about events which occurred on the current date.
    - Approximate Hijri Date automatically calculated, with option to change by +/- 2 days to reflect the date in your locality.
    - Offline mode (requires internet connection for initial setup)
    - Urdu text for names also displayed (even for phones which do not support Urdu)
    - Compatible with Android 2.2+

    And many more features yet to come in future updates, this is just the start!

    Courtesy: Jami'at-ur-Raza, Bareilly Shareef.
    Research by: Anjuman Zia-e-Taibah, Pakistan.

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