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  1. it is a beautiful verse. he also uses the same metaphor of a ship crossing
    the ocean when he says in his famous quadralingual naat lamyati nadhiru:

    al-baHru ála w´al mawju taghaa (arabic)
    man baykas u tufaan khoosh-rabaa (farsi)
    manjhdaar mein hooN bigDri hai havaa (urdu)
    mori naiyya paar lagaa jaana! (hindi)

    The sea is high and the waves are rising
    I am helpless and the storm is terrifying
    I am in the middle (of the sea) and a gale is blowing
    Please help my ship cross to the other side!
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    alaHazrat says:

    ahle sunnat ka hai beRa paar asHaab e Huzoor
    najm haiN aur na'aw hai 'itrat rasulullah ki [sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam]

    in urdu, the words beRa paar literally mean boat crossed and are used as a metaphor to mean one will be fine or the problem will be fixed. i.e. your boat will reach the other side [your problem will be fixed].

    in the Hadith, the ahle bayt are described the boat. alaHazrat uses the metaphor of the beRa paar and combines it with the Hadith where the ahle bayt are literally described as the boat.

    i think its quite clever where a metaphorical meaning [beRa paar] is actually combined with a matter of fact [ahle bayt are the boat (na'aw) in urdu].

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