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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Unbeknown, Nov 18, 2017.

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    Six videos posted in the previous messages have been silently removed. Apparently, Saqib's PR department is working overtime for damage control.

    shows that kanzul huda is a political entity and has other aims than spreading truth of sunni Islam. like tahir's minhaajush shaytaan, there might be other more sinister aspects to it, which will perhaps come to light gradually.
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    Questioning saqib's lies and hypocrisy, on his statements,

    'mujhe tawba ka mawqa dijiye',
    'mujhe muhaddis e kabeer ne mana farmaya hai to mai bayaan nahi karunga'

    this is a must listen for the sincere and neutral sunnis who are genuinely confused.

    -- Update --

    some people have a lot of things to hide - their cupboard has a lot of skeletons some of which I have personally seen toppling out when the it's door was left unguarded.

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    Yes. I’ve commented on that in another post. The question, however, is: if he considers it wajib and he is a hanafi, then why does he trim it to less than a fistful? Why should we not call him a fasiq on account of his short beard?

    At least he accepts the position of wujub according to the hanafis, unlike a few who have written that a fistful beard is merely sunnah ghayr mu’akkadah, which is far from correct.

    والحق احق ان يتبع​
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    Fistful is wajib according to him.
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    In all that, he still does not clarify his position on the beard. Despite being a hanafi, why is his beard short? He hasn’t said much on that for some reason.
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    Sayyid Rizwaan Rifa'i sahib from Nasik, a shafi'i scholar explains the issues from perspective of the shafi'i scholars:

    Hazrat denounces these 'newly graduated' faarigheen from madaris are running after rukhas and posing as "muhaqqiqs".

    Allah ta'ala grant these cautious ulama long lives and give our youth the sense to stick to them.
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    verbal gymnastics, burning strawmen and grandstanding.

    It takes all these to fool gullible youth and hold on to your celebrity status. for a few years of limelight this person is bartering his self-respect, his ghayrah and his akhira.

    Everytime he utters something he gives his opponents a baton to club him with. Sufi Kaleem sahib has done just that in the udaipur bayan posted below.

    uljhā hai paañv yaar kā zulf-e-darāz meñ
    lo aap apne daam meñ sayyād aa gayā
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    Youtube video exposing saqib's blatant lies removed again :)

    No problem. We will upload again. [Unbeknown: updated the link]

    Kanzul Huda is operating like a miniature minhaj-ul-quran. I hope they are not trying to overtake their alma mater.
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    So this was another piece of lies.

    Where have all those "Baralywi muftiyan e kiraam" who supposedly endorsed this pile of rubbish gotten to?

    Or are they too weeping for saqib?

    The phantom muftis seem to have been exorcised out of existence ...
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    alHamdulillah, Mufti Mehmood Akhtar Misbahi sahab has exposed saqib's lies that his book was presented to sayyidi taaj al-shari'ah (raDyiAllahu'anhu).

    The above recording rubbishes the following claim of saqib and proves it to be a pack of lies (longer than his beard, mind you):

    Standard tahir minhaji methodology - create an ocean of lies and then sail on it to glory!
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    not surprising. right in the footsteps of Minhaj-ul-Qur'an. this is the modus operandi of all such personality-cults.
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    More of saqib's lies refuted. Sufi Kaleem sahib also quotes Fazl-ul-Mauhabi as reference:

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    For some reason, Saqibis are on a mission to remove any speech which is in reply.

    It has been re-uploaded here:

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    Mufti Kaleem Hanafi Ko Munazrah Ka Challenge karne Waale Hyderabadi (Saqibi Shami ji) Mulla Munawwar Ashrafi Se guftugu
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    Fitna-E-Saqib Shaami Ji ka Zabardast ilmi Jawaab

    BY: Qazi-E-Mumbai, Nawasa-E-Sarkaar Sadrush'Shariyah, Khalifa-E-Sarkaar Tajush'Shariyah Wa Sarkaar Muhaddis-E-Kabeer, Mahmood-Ul-Ulma, Hazrat Allama MUFTI MAHMOOD AKHTAR SAHAB Qibla Qadri Razvi Amjadi Madde'Zillahul Aali Wal Noorani.
    {Sadar All India Jama'at Raza-E-Mustafa Maharashtra Wa Sadar Mufti Razvi Amjadi Dar-Ul-Ifta Mumbai}

    "Jin Logoñ ne bhi Aise Shakhs ki Himayat Ki ya Ziyaafat ki Aur Jo Log Aise Shakhs ki itteb'a karte hain SAB PAR TAUBA LAAZIM HAI"

    "Saqib Shami ki Taqreer se Ummat me Fasaad Ho Raha hai,
    Log Gunaahoñ par Jareeh Ho Rahe Hain,
    Iski Taqreer Sunna Jayez Nahi..."
    Qur'aan-E-Paak ki Raushni me Mufti Sahab Qibla ne Hukm Bayaan Farmaaya
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