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    Assalamualaykum , MashahAllah ...
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    “The Protection of Faith” is yet another endeavour by Aqib al-Qadri to warn the Sunni Muslims against the enticing slogans such as “all religions are equal”, “there is no compulsion in Islam and, therefore, we need not invite others to this Truth” and that “God, Allah, Ram, Bhagwan, Budhha are synonymous – so it makes no difference if we remember that Being with any of these names”. In fact, in the name of a dialogue between religions and religious reconciliation, the true faith of Islam is being eroded just to attain hollow popularity. Unfortunately, a large number of people are simply duped by some of the unscrupulous opportunists. At this critical juncture, the new book by Aqib al-Qadri sheds off the smoke screen of misleading ideas as put forth by some renegades to please their sponsors who are intent upon distorting the pristine image of Islam.
    The purpose behind writing this book is “......Abstaining From All Types of Disbelievers & Deviants Groups” - avowedly mentioned on the title page - clearly shows how concerned the author and compiler is with the current onslaught of misleading ideas camouflaged by some of the so-called Islamic scholars with fabulous titles and a massive trail of misguided followers to paint a moderate picture of Islam at the expense of propagating the true religion. So, at the end of each section and at the end of each chapter, or wherever deemed necessary, a commentary has been given to not only to make the ideas clear, but also to guard the Sunni Muslims not to be swept away by the enchanting stances of the deviants.
    I am really impressed by the way the book has been compiled. It starts from “Love for Allah’s sake, hate for Allah’ sake” and concludes with “Advice at the time of trial”. The intervening chapters reveal “the model behaviour of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the Sahaba (Allah be pleased with them)”; and, prophesies regarding “trials and tribulations” and the “the traits of the hypocrites and mischief-makers”. Hence, the chronology of the contents logically builds up an argument in favour of true and actual Islam that is very simple in terms of faith, making no compromise on its fundamentals, and assuming no diplomacy or hypocrisy however perilous and precarious the circumstances may be – as the book ends with a tolling advice “SPEAK THE TRUTH – DON’T BE AFRAID!
    It would be unjust not to appreciate the courage and sagacity of venerable Aqib Al-Qadri who, as an iconoclast, has risen to the occasion with a formidable shield (inspiration from Ala Hazrat, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Brelavi) against those who are viciously trying to malign the conspicuous image of their esteemed and established ‘predecessors and pious scholars’ just to please the transitory mighty enemies of Islam. Knowing that it is extremely difficult to change the minds of diehard devotees of their religious guides who enjoy a prestigious position among their following, Aqib Al-Qadri frequently makes passionate appeals to Muslim Brothers to stay away from these imposters. I would like to quote one of them:
    “What a waste of a lifetime of efforts! Dear Muslim brothers – would you want all your worship, all your efforts, all your toiling to gain Allah’s pleasure end up being destroyed, just because you wanted to associate yourselves with innovators, and fell into their trap, thereby destroying your faith? No, certainly not! So watch out for yourself – the one who drags you away from the core body of Muslims and edges you towards the disbelievers (including the renegade sects), is your main enemy!”
    I would like to conclude my comment with an appeal to the readership to go through this book minutely and disseminate it to more and more Sunni Muslims so that they could not only safeguard their own faith but also judge innovators, renegades and deviants on the basis of the touchstone given therein.
    Praying that Allah Almighty may elevate Mr. Aqib Al-Qadri’s ranks in both the worlds,

    Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Muhammad
    Majmaah University,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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    May Allah bless you for your effort.
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    A Brief Compilation Of Verses From The Holy Qur’an And Evidences From Sunnah Regarding Love & Hate For Allah’s Sake – And Abstaining From All Types Of Disbelievers & Deviant Groups.

    The book is available at:-

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