Featured Book Release : The Killer Mistake -A critique of Nuh Keller's "Iman, Kufr and Takfir"

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    alHamdulillah Ridawi Press is glad to announce the release of
    The Killer Mistake
    A critique of Nuh Keller's "Iman, Kufr and Takfir"
    Copyright © Ridawi Press
    Dhul Hijjah 1434 | October 2013

    Download here :: Discuss here

    Apart from being a critique of the said article this work is alHamdulillah a concise guide on apostasy, things that cause apostasy, blasphemy and takfir, with excerpts from Kitab al-shifa on those who disrespect the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ; and a historical perspective of the Sunni-Deobandi conflict in the subcontinent - including scans of books rarely seen in recent times.
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