Featured Book Release: Who is Alahazrat?

Discussion in 'Biographical Notes' started by Unbeknown, Dec 31, 2018.

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    Available in Canada and the US here (as well as for our customers in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere)

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    The name that was given to him at birth was the beautiful name of Mohammed. The name corresponding to that was Al Mukhtar. His grandfather, a great Scholar of the Imam Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, Allamah Mawlana Raza Ali Khan, also gave the young child the beautiful name of Ahmed Raza. It was by this name that he was & still is famously known.
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    It will be fixed in the latest update. @abu Hasan
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    I think last line of Page 73 (PDF page 81) is incomplete. Please can anyone cross check it.
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    Ji, i did look for it but i couldn't seem to find it on sunniport homepage, but these were the beautiful books and poster i could access;

    - Bad' al-Amali
    - 50 essential beliefs
    - The Light of Sight
    - The Preface of Fatawa Ridawiyyah
    - Loving the Prophet ﷺ‎
    - The Noble bequests
    - Tadhkirah of ibn mulaqqin.
    - 30 volume Fatawa (poster)
    - The preamable to faith
    - The killer mistake

    However, Jazak'Allahu khayraan for the mention of Ridawi press, i will also begin to use that site too. Allah Ta'ala reward you abundantly amin.
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    check the home page of sunniport, or visit ridawi press
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    It was emotional, i teared up. O my Master Ala Hazrat! #Speechless

    Allah Ta'ala reward you immensely Mawlana Abu Hasan. And Jazak'Allahu khayran brother Aqdas, if it wasn't you to comment on this thread or be it anyone, i wouldn't have come across to read this amazing book; it came up as a new post on the thread, Thank you.
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    Why did aH write 68 reviews? Perhaps because Alahazrat lived 68 lunar years.
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    1. This is the best introduction to Alahazrat in the English language.

    2. The book information at the end is brilliant. It might be missed, but think about it. The author must have read all those books to write such great reviews.

    3. If you don't do anything this Safar, at least read this book.
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    Hopefully in time for Eyd ul Fitr InShaAllah.
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    Has it been released harris?
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    True. Incorporate the blue from the previous edition and have a gradient filter starting from the bottom that becomes transparent as it it reaches the dome.
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    Feedback on cover: looks like it's red and melancholy and that its telling a tale of bloodshed. Can be easily fixed by changing to another shade.. Maybe blue or any other.
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    i dont mean to sound critical, but i wouldn't personally have included 'british' on the cover, not if the lies and slander against Alāhazrat is anything to go by [that he was a british agent].

    Allah ta'āala accept this work & reward those responsible.
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    related: i've heard that the first one to use 'imam' for sayyidi ahmad rida khan was the khatib par excellence, mawlana mushtaq ahmad nizami, editor of paasbaan and author of books like khoon ke aaNsu. i think it was in the periodical paasbaan that he used 'imam'.
  20. AbdalQadir

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    The title of "Ala Hazrat" was also initially used for Turkish Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, specifically for Suleyman the Magnificent


    I have heard before that this title of Ala Hazrat was given to Imam Ahmad Rida in Makkah/Madina by the scholars there. Considering that it traces its roots with the Turks (to an extent at least) and considering that the Haramayn were still under Turkish rule then (or perhaps just under transition with a predominantly Ottoman culture still prevalent), this claim seems very plausible.

    However I can't seem to find any references for this claim on the net (or otherwise too). Anyone know better?


    Incidentally, this other title of the Ottomans has been silently copied and pasted by some other people in our times:

    The Ottomans had a magnificent love and respect for the Beloved Prophet, 3alaihis salam. Initially the Sultan Yavuz Selim Khan I was conferred the title of "Haakim ul-Haramayn ash-Sharifayn" (Ruler/Administrator of the Two Holy Sanctuaries), and as soon as he heard of it, he withdrew from it saying that its rulers are the Beloved Prophet and his beloved companions and the Quraysh and decreed that it be switched over from "Haakim" to "Khaadim".

    This is how the title of "Khaadim ul-Haramayn ash-Shareefayn" was contrived. This is a well documented fact of Ottoman history.

    For the most part, these wiki entries are correct, except for missing out on some of the minutiae.

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