Featured Book Release: Who is Alahazrat?

Discussion in 'Biographical Notes' started by Unbeknown, Dec 31, 2018.

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  1. abu nibras

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    sub'Han Allah
  2. Aqdas

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  3. kattarsunni

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    Absolutely love this work. Can't wait for it to be published and widely available. It has covered a huge gap which was in the English speaking Sunni book market.

    Shaykh Abu Hasan has refuted the takfiri notion which is forwarded by Pir prasts who have their own agenda.

    This was especially done during the Hamza Yusuf fiasco, where certain people accused Sunni Ulama of being Takfiris and over looked the actual issue.

    This notion was refuted here: http://www.sunniport.com/masabih/showthread.php?t=10448

    Some, however, choose a 'Machiavellian' method in making this accusation against Sunnis.
  4. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Shayk Asraar Rasheed HafiduhuAllah ta'ala has a number of lectures that introduce students to Sunni Scholarship in the Sub Continent.
  5. ahlus-sunnah

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    I dont think Deenport will allow it on their website, they will most likely delete it. They have deleted all the posts on Shaykh Asrar that were added on the website and certain individuals on the website ask why Shaykh Asrar is speaking against Deobandis and other groups but none of the members on their especially some of the intellectuals that regularly post from America, Scotland , London , Morocco, Canada , Bradford and other places meet Shaykh Asrar ..
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    For example, Sunnis of the Sub Continent established strong links with the Hanafis of Yemen. Their mufti visited Shaykh Akhtar RiDa Khan in India.

    It is Sunni scholarship and the akhlaaq of Sunnis that attracted him there to India.
  7. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Sidi please post on deenport
  8. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    assalamu 'alaikum brother Noori, over the past years, as you might be aware, due to websites like deenport, with 30,000 western visitors, this mentality of running away has developed, or shrugging off immediately, the moment one hears of the infamous, as they say it, BsDs issue. But if Muslims really want to know about what Sunni scholarship in the sub-continent means, then they should read and find out.

    This shrugging off is actually a way of belittling our scholars back home from India-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Afghanistan, and they say things like those people are incompetent, and that it is only western, or associated arab shaykhs who are competent. This is an inferiority complex.

    If they truly respect Islam, they should understand that the *zakheera* of our Deen, is back home in the Sub Continent. Dont they admire Mughal art, architecture, culture, poetry, language, empire, history, and Moghlai Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh and Rohillakhand? Then why not the Deeni institutions there? If they are 'Aadil, then they will read the biography of Imam Ahmad RiDa Khan, and use their own proper judgement, and a Muslim has firasa, and Allah will open their eyes to the truth. This dawa, in my opinion must be given to them, simultaneously, and then they will read about Imam Ahmad RiDa Khan. It is Sunnis who represent Ahl al Sunnah, and spread the works of Ahl al Sunnah, in my opinion. By looking at our akhlaaq, they will be attracted. Sunni scholarship of the Sub Continent must be bigged up, so that they read about Imam Ahmad RiDa Khan, who is a representative of it. Sunni Schools in the Sub Continent go back hundreds of years as I have heard. In Bangladesh one school is the Shikar Gonj Seminary.

    Brother Aqdas' translation of an urdu work, caused deobandi wahabis to openly reject and disrespect Shaykh 'Alawi alMaliki disparagingly, to the point of accusations of shirk, which imply takfir. The deobandi scholars of Pakistan made the exact same accusations on Shaykh 'Alawi al Maliki that any salafi makes in the arab world. Their top person, ludhyanwi signed the fatwa, as far as I am aware. He is also the composer that the only true saved group in the Sub Continent is the deobandi group. The 'neutrals', all of whom love Shaykh Alawi Maliki, who visit the net, many of them know this. In southern Iran, it is only wahabis who attack Shaykh Alawi al Maliki. Sunnis never do.

    Many of Shaykh Keller's students have the books of Shaykh Alawi al Maliki, including Mafahim, in their collections, in arabic.

    Shaykh Alawi al Maliki used to stand up in respect upon hearing the name of Imam Ahmad RiDa
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  9. brilliant! i've shared it...
  10. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator


    an excellent work, specially i liked his plain and simple questions to the heretics, because deobandits always try to make things very complex, though i don't expect that they would even try to deal with them as such.

    May Allah open the eyes of Arab and Western ulama, i also pray that shaykh nuh read it, and reflect upon what he has been feeding by his deobandi students, the door of repentance is still open o shaykh!

    May Allah subhanu wa'tala reward sidi abu Hasan with abundance of barakah, in his age, ilm, rizq, good deeds and awlaad, and protect him and his family from all sorts of sufferings in both the worlds, and benefit us from his ilm and more such excellent works.
  11. ahlus-sunnah

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    May Allah Ta'ala bless Sayyidi Abu Hassan (Hafidahullah) for all of his amazing work, his new release 'Who is Alahazrat (Rahimahullah) ?' is a masterpiece MashahAllah!
  12. harun

    harun Active Member

    MashaAllah excellent and much needed in the english language.

    Allahumma Zid Fazid!
  13. The Emir

    The Emir Well-Known Member

    Well done brother Abu Hasan (and all those who have helped him) for the work that you have done.
  14. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    me too and aameen!

    an excellent introduction to Alahazrat with the right content. there were many parts of it that bought tears to the eyes, alHamdulillah. what a man Alahazrat was!

    the translations of the book names are brilliant.

    to write a review for a book, one must read it and aH has reviewed 68 of them...

    68 is an odd choice, btw...

    once again, aH sets the benchmark for ahlu's sunnah. just last night, i was in a gathering of ulama and they were praising aH's works and how brilliant they are. they asked us to pass on their messages of support.

    i implore everyone to tell everyone about this noteworthy book. aH has had to work day and night in order to get this to us before 25th safar so please everyone, make use of it and forward the link before urs e Alahazrat.

    just superlative!
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  15. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    MashaAllah (azzawajal)!

    Jazakallah to all who were involved in compiling this book.

    a humble request:

    will it be possible to release an epubs version of the book? even if it's a text-only version. converted the pdf* to epubs using calibre and it displays fine in android but pages that have both images and texts appear a bit garbled.

    jazakallah. wassalaam.

    * devices with small displays are not ideal for reading pdfs because zooming necessitates repeated scrolling
  16. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    may Allah reward brother abu Hasan greatly for this.
  17. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    First and foremost I would like to thank Allah azza wa jall for this opportunity to be associated with sidi Abu Hasan, and ask Allah ta`ala to protect him for our benefit and khayr, and may Allah ta`ala aid him in his endeavors. aameen.

    This work, which is an introductory biography of our great imam was much needed. alHamdulillah it fills a gap in the availability of a decent english introduction to Alahazrat Imam Ahmed Rida Khan radiyallahu anhu, his life and works.

    There is a beautiful list of works towards the end, with brief descriptions, which introduces a novice to Alahazrat's works, the names of his works alone puts one in awe of the great Imam and his ilm, may Allah ta`ala fill his blessed maqam with the nur from the nur of madinah. aameen

    allahumma salli `ala muHammadin wa alihi wa `itratihi bi adadi kulli maalumillaka.
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  18. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    wa alaykum as salam sidi Wadood ! hope you are doing well, keep us in your du`as.
  19. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    The blurb

    “Praised be Allah ta’ala for the immense favour of giving us this man of knowledge, a practicing scholar, meritorious, righteous, praiseworthy, virtuous; a living example of the maxim: “How much our elders ceded for their successors [to complete]“, peerless in his time, unique in his era, Mawlana Shaykh Ahmed Rida – may Allah ta’ala vouchsafe him and keep him to crush the impuissant arguments of heretics by the force of Qur’an and Hadith.
    And why not! The scholars of Makkah bear testimony [to his greatness] and if he were not so distinguished, they would not have accorded him such respect. Rather, I say, if we hail him as the Reviver of this century, it would be just and truth: Nay, it is not difficult for Allah ta’ala / To gather a world within an individual.May Allah ta’ala reward him, and give him an immense reward on behalf of this religion and its adherents; and may Allah ta’ala bestow upon him bounties and His pleasure by His Grace and Mercy.”

    - Shaykh Sayyid Ismayil Khalil (Custodian of the Library of the Grand Mosque in Makkah, 1323AH)
  20. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    assalamu 'alaikum brother an jazakAllah khair

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