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Discussion in 'Seerat ar-Rasul' started by Yasser Rashid, Aug 22, 2014.

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  1. Yasser Rashid

    Yasser Rashid Active Member

    The fact that some of the other threads and/or links you've provided also omit mention of sall Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam/ sallAllahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam when mentioning clearly the name Muhammad shows what a diseased charlatan you indeed are. Considering you couldn't sincerely accept my point some months ago and attempted in proving why mention of aal is also wajib.

    The following links show why I consider you to be an ignormaous of the highest order in which you clearly omitted it altogether and to top it of you gave a link from Habib Ali Jifri who's an obvious sellout for reasons we all know.

    I don't know who this Ali moaddel is but I just hope he's not a Shia considering that most of the links at the bottom of his video are Shiite.

    The correlation I would like to draw is that if you are Shiite then it makes sense to me why you had lied and why you're so stubborn
  2. HamzaTR

    HamzaTR New Member

    Still there? Brother you did not notice it first time because it was not there. I did not omit the 'aal' part. I just used and I use abbreviations such as SAA which means Sallallahu Alayhi wa AALeh. However, someone, probably a moderator changed the title of my thread and made it a batar (missing) salawat. ma salam
  3. Yasser Rashid

    Yasser Rashid Active Member

    I take on board your narration from sawa'iq muhriqa. I already admitted me not responding to your Salam was probably wrong. I appreciate the way you present proofs. But i still disagree with your abbreviation point.

    Besides its my mistake in the first place for not noticing you did say sall Allah alayhi wa sallam in bold writing as the title heading of the book you're advertising.

    Having said that its ironic you yourself omitted the mention of aal. Why is that if you're attempting to prove the necessity thereof?
  4. HamzaTR

    HamzaTR New Member

    wadood, it was not a positive feedback, rather it was an unrelated comment, not a correct advice either (as if abbreviation is wrong). Why should I thank?

    Brother Yasser, there is no need to brag about it really. I was huffed of, when I got an e-mail about the subscription to this thread, thinking "in the end, someone reads my suggestions!" and I saw this. And unrelated comment. Again there is no need to talk about this more..

    But, just to answer your questions, about Salam, please refer to Quran, 56:26, 10:10, 4:86.

    About, missing salawat, quoting,

    You can see alike narrations in Muslim, Kitab Salawat, 65, 66, 69; Bukhari, Kitab Anbiya, 10; Ibn Maja, K. Iqama, 25; Nasai, K. Sahw, 49, 50-54, etc.

    I don't know what HY means (it is also an abbreviation I guess, eh?), but I do understand your concern about people trying to remove the love of Prophet (s.a.a) from our hearts and I really agree with you.

    And, even this thread itself is against those who limit the miracles of Prophet Muhammad (asm) to bringing the Quran only. In order to show them the other miracles of the Prophet (s.a.a).

    Anyway.. And about your call on discussion, I don't usually contact people, because, sometimes I don't have anything to discuss. I just share my beliefs (either by typing or by posting articles, book/lets, videos, etc.) when I feel I need to share something important, something I recently saw, something I like. But, you are welcome to contact me if you have anything to talk about. And if you live in or visit Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, be my guest. ma salam :)
  5. Yasser Rashid

    Yasser Rashid Active Member

    I appreciate your passion akhi but me not responding to your half Salam is probably wrong but no where near your abbreviation point.

    As for mentioning aal and itrah if you provide me with the narration clearly mentioning that salawat is incomplete without their mention then I'll accept (note: I'm referring to the wujub of mentioning them also- Allah be pleased with them! Because the ayah has amr which refers to wujub)

    It's not a matter of perfecting others and being deficient oneself because the importance of acknowledging our prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his family, is a concept that has been watered down even among "Sunnis" to the extent that people took HYs stance on dante among other charlatans as water of a ducks back so to speak.

    The fact of the matter is I'm willing to meet and discuss face to face with you. Are you willing to meet? I doubt it. Why wouldn't you wanna discuss openly and directly?

    In any case I'll meet and openly discuss with anyone on this forum. Why not? Should we be scared to profess and express what we believe (nu'minu) to be the truth?!!

    Strange age indeed.
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    please learn to thank a muslim brother for giving you a good advice
  7. HamzaTR

    HamzaTR New Member

    There is something called abbreviation, ever heard of it bro? Secondly, you don't have to comment if it is not related to the shared thing (in this case, the book) or it is not something positive. Lastly, dear brother, if you feel you have to correct someone, then please do it right.. I mean, if you feel everything should be perfect, then be perfect yourself.. Why search for the mistakes of others? the abbreviation of Salawat is false to you but not responding the salam is not? Or another mistake, Because the Prophet (s.a.a) states, Salawat without mentioning the itrah and 'aal' (progeny), which is what you did, is missing.. So, you see, we can also find mistakes.. But this is not something that would improve us, is it? Anyway, sorry, I don't mean to offend you.. I just am tired of this unrelated baseless critics.. ma salam
  8. Yasser Rashid

    Yasser Rashid Active Member

    Please write sall Allah alayhi wa sallam in full after mentioning the prophets name. Even though its already written in full above. It's unrelated to your post.
  9. HamzaTR

    HamzaTR New Member

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