can a waliy do anything he likes?

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  1. abu Hasan

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    Among the conditions for a waliyy is that he should be protected [from sin] just like a Prophet is vouchsafed, innocent from sin. Any person on whom there is an objection by the Sharīáh is deluded. [He cannot be a waliy]

    Abū Yazīd al-Bisţāmī went to see a person who was known as a waliyy; he reached the mosque [where the said person prayed], he sat outside waiting for him to come out. The person was coming out of the masjid and he was picking his nose; Abū Yazīd came back without even bothering to say salām, and when asked he said:

    ‘This person is not faithful to the etiquette taught by the sharīáh, how can he be trusted to [safeguard or deliver] the Secrets of the Truthful?’ [fa kayfa yakūnu amīnan álā asrāri’l ĥaqq?]

    Risālah al-Qushayriyyah, pg.262; Section 36:Wilāyah
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    ghawth al-a'dham sayyid 'adbul qadir al-jilani radiyAllahu ta'ala anhu was once told about a man who people believed to be a wali. the ghawth went to visit this man but he was not at his abode. the ghawth saw the place where this man prayed and saw that the marks of his hands showed that he did not perform sajdah according to the sunnah. the ghawth said the he cannot be a wali and went from that place.

    ps: i think it was that he used to spread his fingers during sajdah. can that be right?
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    Abū Yazīd (Bāyazīd) al-Bisţāmi rađiyAllāhu ánhu says:

    ‘We went to meet a man, who had become famous as a Friend of Allāh (waliy); and this person was very famous for his piety and reclusion. We tarried for a while; he came out of his house and went to the Mosque and [on the way] he spat towards the Qiblah.

    I came back and I did not even bother to salute him. I said to myself: ‘This is a person who is not faithful to common decency and etiquette [adab] taught by RasūlAllāh şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam, how can he be safe in what he claims?’

    Risālah al-Qushayriyyah, pg.396.

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