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    Also there is the issue about workplaces.

    Shouldn't jobs at places where there's free mixing of genders be haram for the same reasons?

    That would narrow the means of halal rizq even further, especially in the countries where muslims are a minority.
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    These questions have been haunting me for the past one month or so:

    1] Is co-education haram-mutlaq?
    2] Are there any circumstances which would mitigate the ruling?
    3] Is there any place on earth where the so-called 'secular' sciences, especially the professional courses, are taught without co-ed?

    I've discussed this before via pm but one of my friends, who is also a freshly graduated scholar, has succeeded in forcing me to re-think about this.
    His stance, which is also the stance of all scholars iv'e so far talked to, is that co-ed is haram-mutlaq.

    He has also given me the scares by quoting Imam Asqalani (rahimahullah) who, he said, quotes Imam Ghazali (rahimahullah) as:

    " Worry about others only to the extent that the shariah obliges you to and no more. Spend the rest of your energies worrying about yourself. Allah (azzawajal) aids HIS deen even through fasiqs. So beware lest you be aiding the deen while believing that you are being rewarded for it but in truth you are constantly harming your akhira by commiting haram. "

    So he concludes that EVEN IF you are studying the sciences to help the deen, your'e still committing haram and the shariah hasn't burdened you with this. He also believes that many of the professions currently being pursued can actually be lived without with no harm to the community as many of them don't even qualify for 'fard-al-kifaya' and the little need that there may be for them can be satisfied by the several non-muslim professionals who are pursuing them anyways.

    Now, iv'e also heard scholars (ex: Allama Qamaruzzama Azmi, hafidhhullah) say that muslims should excel in all fields of knowledge, that we need muslims to be engineers, doctors etc. and iv'e heard mufti akmal say that those who study the 'secular' sciences with the niyyah of aiding the deen, then this study is of theirs will not be counted as dunya but infact its ayan-e-deen for them!

    So, as anyone can see, the two pictures don't add up.

    He has advised me to contact Mufti Nizamuddin Mubarakpuri to see if any possibility of jawaz exists. But i don't see how i'll get a fatwa over the phone.

    Can any of the brothers help?


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