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    our master 'ali radiyallahu ta'ala anhu said that i recognise my Lord by the fact that my plans change. that which i plan for tomorrow, when it does not happen, i know there is a greater power that is in control and not me. (mufakkir e islam pirzada imdad husain maddazillahu told us this saying)
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    These verses are attributed to Sayyidunā Álī rađiyallāhu ánhū.

    rađītu bimā qasamAllāhu lī
    wa fawwađtu amrī ilā khāliqī
    laqad aĥsanAllāhu fīmā qađā
    kadhālika yuĥsinu fīmā baqī

    I am pleased with what Allāh has granted me,
    And I have entrusted all my affairs to my Creator –
    He has made everything beautiful in the past,
    And everything remaining shall be made beautiful until last.

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