Crow halal or haram?

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    Syed Ahmed, all my questions are genuine. Alhamdulillah I am sunni and consider the Deobandis as non-muslim. Please maintain adab and do mail me privately if you have any problems with me. I am patient, others may not be. JazakAllah
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    Question no. 1058

    Questioner: Muhammad Zakariyya Jahlami, Resident of Frankfurt, Germany

    What is the opinion of scholars of the religion and jurists of the Sharia't in this issue that, one famous bird known as crow, which is of black color and it is always making the voice of "Qaain Qaain", and its food is Halal and Haraam, pure and impure things and everything. Is the meat of this bird Halal or Haraam for the Muslims? I have heard from one Maulwi Sahab here that, according to Ulema-e-Deoband, eating this bird is not only Ja'iz and Halal, but it is also a deed of reward. Is the statement of this Maulwi Sahab correct or not?


    الّلهما هدايه الحق و الصّواب

    The above-mentioned bird is famous for its wickedness, immorality and harmful nature. And, this bird is Haraam, because of its natural wickedness and immorality. Allahuta'ala declared in Quran-al-Karim that,

    وَيُحَرِّمُ عَلَيْهِمُ الْخَبَائِثَ
    (The noble Prophet) forbids Muslims from the wicked things.
    (Surah A'araf, Ayat no. 157)

    And, the noble Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam) said, "Five animals are wicked, and will be killed in Haram. Among them one is a snake and another one is a crow". This hadith is narrated by Muslim from Syeda Ayesha (Radiallahu Ta'ala Anha).

    Why crow is considered as wicked? The reason for this mentioned by the scholars of Hadith is as below,

    The intention of calling it wicked is that, it is malignant and more harmful bird. (Majma al-Bahar and al-Bhar ur-Raiq)

    The wickedness of crow is that, it scratches the wounded backs of the injured animals. (Taysir al-Qari Shrah Bukhari)

    Narrated in Bayhaqi Sharif from Abdullah ibn Umar (Radiallahu Ta'ala Anhu) that, "Who can eat a crow? Whereas, RasulAllah (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam) called it fasiq (wicked). By the swearing of Allah, it is not from Tayyabaat (means it is from wicked things which is Haraam)." (Bayhaqi and Ibn Majah)

    Indeed, the leader of Deobandi sect, Maulwi Rashid Ahmed Gangohi has written in his book Fatawa Rashidiya that, eating crow is a deed of reward. Why he said like this? The answer of this question is in Quran-al-Karim,

    الْخَبِيثَاتُ لِلْخَبِيثِينَ وَالْخَبِيثُونَ لِلْخَبِيثَاتِ
    Vile women for vile men, and vile men for vile women.
    (Surah Noor, Ayat no. 26)

    Written by:
    Abdul Wajid Qadri Gafrullah, Noori Masjid, Amsterdam.
    5th May, 1987

    Extracted from Fatawa Europe, Published by Shabbir Brothers, Lahore, Pakistan
    Page no. 493, 494
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    I agree, surely YaMustafa isn't asking about crows being halal or haram so that he can buy them at his local Tescos, he obviously wants a loophole or some sort of revision of existing opinions.

    Also, if by "proper answer" you mean "one that suits my motives" then you might need to check out other forums to get that answer brother. Otherwise the crow Mass'ala is an old and established one, seems curious as to why you would want that information so suddenly?
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    Are you the same --edit-- who asked the Question:

    "Would it be correct to say that the Prophet had knowledge of everything?

    Would this not be saying that the Prophet's knowledge is equal to Allah's in terms of quantity?


    checck your own posts and you will see that indeed, you are.

    You asked a stupid question, you deserve an answer fitting to your intellectual capacity, as the Prophet said, kallimu an nas ala qadri uqulihim: "Speak to the people according to the level of their intellect".

    We have considerable evidence on this forum according to the history of your posts that you, my foolish friend, are a hidden Deobandi sympathiser.

    Exhibit A:

    "I came across an answer by a reputable sunni scholar who wrote that Ala Hazrat considered Rashid Gangohi and Qasim Nanotvi as Muslim."

    Exhibit B:
    "I read a ruling that if a female was to pray salah in front/in line with a male in Janazah Salah then the Salah will not break as opposed to a normal daily salah (with Ruku and Sujud)."

    Exhibit C:

    Would it be correct to say that the Prophet had knowledge of everything?

    Would this not be saying that the Prophet's knowledge is equal to Allah's in terms of quantity?


    Exhibit D:

    Slipping into Salafi sympathy here are we?:
    Is categorizing (Taqseem) Tawhid really a Bid'ah? The wahabis divide Tawhid into 3 and this is Bid'ah. However, there are some and say it isn't Bidah and mention that the pious predecessors like Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Tahawi did this.

    Exhibit E:

    It is clear you are a lost cause, even in your attempt to mislead people, you have absolutely no subtlety:

    Where is the Ruh of the Prophet sallallahualaihi wasallam?

    Does that mean the ruh is within the actual body of Rasoolullah?
    I also recently read that the Ruh was in the 4th heaven. So these must be both valid opinions?

    Exhibit F:

    In this one, small-fry, you seem to be forgetting to remain within the boundaries of Deo-sympathy, and are seen to attempt to evoke Shia sentiments, are you not?

    Everyone knows Yazid Ibn Abi Sufyan was an awesome companion and participated in some of the most monumental battles of Islamic history, there is clearly a print error in the scan of Nuzhatul Qari you pathetically scanned and posted here in order sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of people who do not know this.

    A print screen from Nuzhatul Qari. can someone please explain this? Abu Sufyan says that 'this is my son, Yazid Ibn Muawiya'.

    The next heading (no.4) however says Yazid ibn Abi sufyan?

    It is easy to understand your condition, the weeds are overgrown in your garden, and you wish to shift your mess into someone elses.

    You really are pushing the boundaries on this next one arent you?:

    Exhibit G:

    "Then when the sacred months have passed, slay the associators wherever you find them and catch them, andconfine them and sit in wait for them at every place; again if they repent and establish prayer and give thepoor-due then leave their way. Verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." [9:4]

    With the current situation in the middle east, we have certain people quoting this ayah. ISIS supporters are quoting this to justify the killing of innocents, while others quote this to describe Islam as a religion of violence.

    What is the correct explanation and context of this Ayah?

    Conclusion: -----edit--------

    Study suggestion: Instead of posting a question about the explanation of Surah Tawba, why dont you post a question about how YOU can actually perform Tawbah?
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    A proper answer, anyone?
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    Look at the common theme in his fatawa, it is not just one verdict. There are a group of verdicts that denigrate traditional Islamic practices, and equate them with polytheism, and at the same time, they praise things which are inherently haram.

    Do you see the pattern? Islam- down/ kufr-up. That is the Deobandi Usul in Fatawa.

    Here are some examples:

    Rashid Ahmad Gangohi said:“Milad Sharif, Mairaj Sharif, Urs Sharif, Soyam, Chehlum, Fatiha Khwani and Isal-e-Sawab all are unlawful, wrong and method of Kuffar and Hindus.”

    Rashid Ahmad Gangohisaid:"It is justified to have sacred food (parshaad) of Hindu’s Holee and Divali"but not permissible to do so at Fatihah and Niaz.

    "If clean (paak), it is permissible to have food at the (Choohre Chamaar) low cast’s home"but food of Gyarween Sharif (Esale Sawaab for Hazrat Ghaus-e-Paak) is not permissible.(Fatawa Rasheediyah, page 130 V II).

    “To drink the water of the sabeel which has been set by a Hindu’s money of interest is permissible, but to drink the water of the sabeel of Imaam Husssain (Radiallahu Anhu) put with the "white money" of a Muslim in the month of Muharram is prohibited (Haraam).”(Fatawa Rasheediyah, Vol2-page 113, 114).

    Rashid Ahmad Gangohi said:“To eat and keep gifts of "HOLI" and "Devali" are lawful and good deed (sawab)...”Ref:Fatawa Rashidia (Pg123, Vol2, Published by: Rahimia Kutb Khana Sunehri Masjid Dehli in 1352 AH, Written By: Rashid Ahmed Gangohi)

    This is the one you asked about:

    Rashid Ahmad Gangohi said:"Eating crow brings reward (sawaab)"sweet dish (Halva) of Shabe-Baraat is not justified.”(Fatawa Rasheediyah, page 130 Vol2).

    This statement indicates to scholars of Sunni creed the internal state of the man in question, and that he inclines more towards an unclean animal such as Crows, rather than a sweet dish. For this reason, it has always been used as a point of polemics: demonstrating an internal imbalance, using external factors.

    So you see THE COMMON TREND in what kind of things that guy regarded as 'sawaab'?

  9. Syed Ahmed Uwaisi

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    Why are you bringing this back up?

    Crow= 'Carrion'. Carrion is haram.

    If you bring up Rashid Ahmed Gangohi's statement about Crow, you will see what is wrong.
  10. YaMustafa

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    Is crow halal or haram?
    What was wrong with Rashid Gangohi's statement about crow?

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