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    Is there a good English translation of Ala Hazrat's thoughts on paper currency and the monetary system.

    I would like to know the of the opinion held by Ala Hazrat. Any references or resources will be much appreciated.
  2. Wa `alaykum salam

    As far as I know, Sh. Muhammad al-`Illish (may Allah have mercy upon him) has considered it impermissible as do the people at the Endless Bliss/Hizmet Book website and those within the Murabitun movement led by Shaykh Dr. `Abd al-Qadir as-Sufi (may Allah preserve him). On the other hand, as per what I have been told, Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ahmad Ridha Khan Fadil al-Baraylawi al-Kandahari al-Hanafi (may Allah have mercy upon him) in Kifh al-Faqih , along with the famous Maliki scholar, Imam al-Muwaqqat (may Allah have mercy upon him) in his Habl al-Matin, considers it permissible, as stated by Shaykh `Abu al-Qanit al-Hasani (may Allah preserve him) above. In other words, it is a valid difference of opinon.


  3. Salam `alaykum:

    The following is from the now-defunct GuidingHelper website:

  4. Salam `alaykum Sidi Asif:

    When will Shaykh Gibril's translation of "Al-Dawlah al-Makiyya" be available?

  5. jazak Allah. A few years ago The Islamic Times serialised a translation of this same book into English but sadly it was by someone in Pakistan who had awful command over the English language (despite being a 'Dr'!) and was, as such, unreadabable and thus worthless. The Imam :ra: needs the top brains to translate him not just anyone (still may Allah give reward to that person fore his efforts at least). Insha Allah Shaykh GFH's translation of al Dawlat al Makkiyah will be worthwhile!

    Very briefly from what I can remember Ala Hazrat says that paper money is valid. Don't quote me on that though! I know that the Murabitoun say paper money is not valid in Shariah.
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    On 22 Safar 1426, there was an Imam Ahmad Raza conference in Mumbai organised by Sunni Da'wate Islami.

    Many 'ulema and muftiyan delivered their papers. Mufti Nizamuddin Rizwi delivered his maqala called Imam Ahmad Raza aur jadeed fiqhi masa'il.

    Qibla Mufti Sahib said that Fatawa Ridwiya contains over 100 jadeed masa'il with their ahkam. He then listed 17 of the most important of these masa'il and then mentioned 3 of them in detail:

    (1) Currency notes
    (2) Money orders
    (3) Interest from banks

    Mufti Sahib (zeeda majduhu) talked about Imam Ahmad Rida's Kifl al-faqih.

    He said that the issue of currency notes was so difficult that the great scholar, Hanafi Mufti of Makka, Jamal bin 'Abdullah bin 'Umar Makki rahimahullah was asked this question (woh maal hai ya dastaweez ki tarah koi sanad), he replied, al 'ilmu amanatu fee a'naaq al 'ulema ('ilm is the amanah on the necks of the 'ulema). There was all round silence on the matter.

    Then the Imam of Haram 'Abdullah Mardad and 'Allama Hamid Muhammad Ahmad Jadawi posed 11 questions on the matter to Imam Ahmad Rida, the Imam was ill but he still answered them in one and a half days as Kifl al-faqih.

    When 'Allama Mufti 'Abdullah bin Siddiq saw this fatwa and saw the excerpt from Fath al-Qadir, he said that how could the Mufti of Makka miss this nass al-sarih.

    So, along with ad-daula, kifl al-faqih is another book written in a very short time but remains a masterpiece.
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    Yes, Raza Academy, Bombay, published about 100 books of Imam Ahmad Rida a few years ago. I too had some of these. On the front cover is the title in Urdu, like in your case. On the first page, is the Arabic title with the year.

    For example, Radd ar-Rafdah is called 'Shion ka radd' and Ghayat al-tahqeeq fee imamah ali as-siddiq is called 'Khilafat-e-Siddiq-o-Ali'.

    Similarly, the currency book may be 'Kifl al-Faqeeh'.

    The Raza Academy did a fabulous job. May Allah give more tawfiq.
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    Has anyone read this monograph - "Currency note ke masaail " by Imam Ahmed RiDa Khan :ra: ?

    If yes can he please post a brief summary of it - I wanted to find out the views of the Imam on the current Economic and currency system.
    It will be a while before I lay my hands on this book.


    abu nibras

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