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    are shameless liars. their blood has turned to urine - surely they will keep lying until Judgement come.


    1. These devbandi lies aren't anything new. They have been amply responded to, see The Preamble to Faith, footnotes on pages #24-25, #67-69, #80, and Appendix C, pages#91-107.

    2. See PDF pages #90, #138, #144, #153, #156 of The Killer Mistake.

    Contemporary Deobandis were jumping up like rabid kangaroos challenging us to show that accursed fatwā of Gangohī – and we not only showed it, but also demonstrated that it is certainly Gangohī’s by handwriting analysis – it was this fatwā upon which Sunni scholars made takfīr, and they would have not made takfīr if Gangohī had only denied that the fatwā was his; Gangohī had 15 years to retract or deny that fatwā, which he did not, despite public refutations – but still Khalīl accuses Alahazrat of forgery. We can only wait for Judgement day when the wicked will get their due recompense.

    3. Gangohi supported the kufr of his fellows - and this alone is enough to render him a kafir.

    3. devbandis are printing material and lecturing in defense of imkaan al-kadhib to this day (search the forums or devband's official site). What then does this scoundrel mean by exclaiming "Exalted is He" - feigning adab?!

    These proofs are sufficient for the sincere seeker of truth and as for the rest - go to hell!
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    I wanted to know if the following is true ? Did Sayyidi Alahazrat know this and still not take back the fatwa ? And also if they deny gangohi having ever made such a fatwa why do we still call gangohi kaafir if he states that is not his belief ? and the deobandis say that to prove this is not his belief there is another fatwa from him in fatawa rasheedia clearly stating that he does not believe this. Please help. Jazakallah

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