deobandi shamelessness

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    That's not true.
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    Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi

    Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi (1212/1797- 1278/1861) was the son of Allama Fazle Imam Farooqi Khairabadi (d. 1244/ 1829), the Sadrus Sudoor of Delhi. Allama Fazle Haq receid his education in Islamic sciences from Shah Abdul Qadir (d. 1230/1815) and Shah Abdul Aziz, the Muhaddith of Delhi (d. 1239/1824) and in rational sciences from his father. At the age of 13, he completed his education and engaged himself in teaching. Then he took up service with the government in 1815.
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    the folks on that forum even had the courage to declare Shaykh Alawi Al- Maliki of Saudi Arabia as a Mushrik because he spoorted Ala Hazrat.
  4. AbdalQadir

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    Man, that forum does my head in every time I see it. It seems those buffoons don't even understand discourse.

    Their moderator "saad" is a blithering moron who quotes Ala Hazrat and says that he is speaking nonsense about Allah, when he is negating their filthy beliefs and mentioning other human attributes, alongside their idiotic belief of imkan al-kadhib. Does he even understand the art of READING, or does he think quoting a scan in Urdu and giving an idiotic English spin on it, will work for most sheeple visiting forums?

    That dumbo faqeerkhan (abulhussain) apparently thinks it's a 'bad' thing to cover one's face from a prostitute, and say something about safeguarding the eyes and the heart and the private parts.

    Are these people even sane?

    Seriously, I can understand criminals. If they at least manufactured some proper lies and fabricated some genuine accusations, at least we could have said that we have 'intelligent' enemies, but they even robbed us of that pleasure. As the saying goes, a stupid friend is worse than an intelligent enemy. These clowns are neither stupid friends, nor are they smart enemies :(

    They're all a bunch of mentally retarded oxygen thieves.

    I see some of them are even dormant anti-Arab Sunnis with their comments like 'grave worship was prevalent in Arabia too before ibn abdul wahhab' and some other comments.
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    please excuse the quality
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    I am trying to download from that link, but I think it only has the Shihab Asaqib file on there and nothing to do with the Barzanji book.

    Does ANYONE actually have that book attributed to Barzanji, or is it a fictitious book? I've heard it's just a fictitious name cooked up by the deobandis.
  7. sunnistudent

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    The deobandi wrote

    For an unbiased reader, here is the truth

    Readers can see the original Persian work of Isma'il Dehlawi, in which he wrote that Allah 'can' lie and if this is not agreed , this will mean human beings will be more powerful than Allah, because human beings can lie

    This again proves that Shaykh Gibril is correct. Our deobandi friend may not have had access to this persian text, or he is unaware of the chronology of the events.

    The deobandi said
    Deobandi then writes:

    If one clicks at the 'source', it leads to another deobandi blog spot!!!

    Look at this deobandi! He accuses Shaykh Gibril of taking things from internet, where as his entire article is linked to many deobandi articles and blogspots on the internet!! Sharam karo..!

    The deobandi wrote

    Who could control his laugh after reading the above statement from this internet deobandi?!! He is writing arabic words to impress his deobandi folks! He is telling that the original words from Ismai; Dehlawi was "sawa'un i'taqada annahu ya'lamu bidhatihi aw ya'taqidu annahu minhatun min Allah"!! Does this deobandi even know that Siratemusaqeem and taqwiyatul iman ( both by Ismail Dehlawi) were written originally in Persian/ Urdu?Whom is he fooling by writing those arabic words and attributing it as Ismail Dehalwi's original work!!

    And look at the height of intellectual dishonesty done by this deobandi!He talks about 'Ilm e ghaub" and tries to defend the position of Ismail Dehlawi on this matter. But being a deobandi he fails to mention the kufriya statement written by Ismail Dehalwi on this topic!

    Ismail Dehlawi says that: 'People do not have power to know Ghayb as and when they wish. Only Allah Sahab ( sick) has the power that when He wants to He comes to know of Ghayb

    See scan here

    So as per Ismail Dehlawi, even AllaH is also not all knowing at all the times ( astagfirullah). As per this writing of Ismail Dehlawi AllaH is ignorant ( asagfirullah) and then He comes to Know of things. Look at the Kufr in the belief of Ismail Dehlawi (1) Attributing ignorance to AllaH (2) Calling the attribute of Ilm of Allah as incomplete and hawadith( created) etc

    Note: I think our deobandi friend is using the new fabricated version of taqwiyatul iman from which this blasphemous statement ( like other statements) have been removed. Readers can click the above link to see the original edition.

    But Ismail dehalwi was not alone in spreading this belief.

    Husain Ali wan Bahchrani , ( beloved student of Rashid Gangohi) also propagated the same belief. He writes: " Allah comes to know of Peoples action only after the action is done ( not before that) "

    See scan here

    And Rashid Gangohi wrote

    " To have even this belief that knowledge of the unseen was given to the prophet( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) is ALSO WRONG!

    See here
  8. shukran, ustadh sunnistudent.
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    jazak Allah khair sunnistudent for sharing
  10. sunnistudent

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    Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti (Rh) took strong objection on Wahabbi maulvi Ismail Dehlavi on the matter of Imakn al Kidhb,Imtina’ al Nazir and on the matter of shafa’at ( intercession) of the prophet (sal allahu alayhi wa sallam).

    (1)In 1240 A.H, Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti along with thirteen other leading scholars issued the fatwa of kufr upon Ismail Dehlavi. All these fourteen scholars were the leading students of Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi (Rh). The fatwa was published in Tahqiq al Fatwa, signed by all fourteen scholars. The fatwa can be seen here.

    (2)1246 A.H: Ismail Dehlavi died in 1246 A.H/1831 C.E.

    As per the deobandi version, Imam Fadl Haq lamented this death and called him a great scholar by calling him Hakim [doctor] of Ummat-i-Muhammadiya (sal allahu alayhi wa sallam). Please note the first person to propagate this story was a man called Fadl Hasan Bihari in the book “al Hayāt baa’d al mamāt

    (3) 1269 AH: In 1269 A.H,Ali Ahmed Tonki Rampuri wrote a book defending the corrupt belief of Ismail Dehlavi on the matter of Imakn al Kidhb and Imtina’ al Nazir . Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti refuted this book and again issued a fatwa, which was signed by thirty four leading scholars of that time. This fatwa was issued in Persian and was published from Matbae Hidaya, Delhi.

    This proves that even in 1269 A.H,[twenty three years after the death of Ismail Dehlavi] Imam Fadl Haq had the same stand which he had in 1240 A.H while issuing the fatwa of Kufr upon Ismail Dehlavi. Is there any door open for the deobandi story that Imam Fadl Haq praised Ismail Dehlavi in 1246 A.H?

    (4)1270 A.H: In 1270 A.H Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti completed his master piece Persian work and called it Imtina’ al Nazir. In this book he again proved that the statement of Ismail Dehlavi [If Allah so wishes, he can create millions like Prophet Salla allahu alaihi wa sallam] is Kufr. The great scholar also refuted all the possible interpretation of this statement and belief. We see that even in 1270 A.H, Imam Fadl Haq remained steadfast upon his fatwa which he issued upon Ismail Dehlavi in 1240 A.H. So where is the possibility of him praising Ismail Dehlavi in 1246 A.H?

    In the same year, 1270 A.H, Mawlānā Fadl Rasul Badayuni wrote Al mutaqad in which he not only refuted Ismail Dehlavi on the matter of of Imakn al Kidhb and Imtina’ al Nazir but also the other corrupt belief of the Wahabbis. Imam Fadl Haq wrote taqridh on this book and approved it saying: “This book describes the true aqida and also refutes the heretical sects...”
    If Imam Fadl Haq lamented the death of Ismail Dehlavi and called him a great scholar in 1246 A.H, then why is he agreeing with the fatwa of kufr upon Ismail Dehlavi in 1270 A.H?

    Around 1270 A.H/ 1853 A.H, Haider Ali Tonki wrote a couplet praising Ismail Dehlavi. It reads

    اتهجو عالماً بر اً تقياً وعندالله فى ذاك انتقام
    (Rough Translation)

    Do you ridicule a God fearing scholar; you will be retaliated for this by God

    Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti was a fil badi shayar .He was a master poet and had high command on Arabic language. He wrote

    اتمدح جاهلاَ شر اَ شقياً تدار كم من الله انتقام
    و انكر جا حداً غياَ وجحلاً شفا عة من يلو ذ به الانام
    و حرم ان يؤم بشد رحل ل مزار دونه البيت الحرام
    وجوز ان يقول الله كذباً وقول الكذب منقصة وذام
    فجوز ان يكون نظاءرفى الكمال لمن له الفضل العظام

    Rough Translation

    Do you praise an ignorant, evil and a naughty person, who was revenged by the God
    His stubbornness caused him to go deviated and he denied the intercession of that blessed personality, to whom the entire creation need for their salvation
    And he prohibited traveling to the blessed place (the grave of the prophet, sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) which is even more blessed than bait al harām
    And he said that it is possible for Allah to lie, where as lie is a defect and a flaw
    And he said there is a possibility of a similar being (mithl) about him ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) who is perfect and has so many virtues

    These couplets refute Ismail Dehlavi on the topic of Imakn al Kidhb,Imtina’ al Nazir and shafa’at. He wrote around thirty five more couplets in which he has refuted the aqida of Ismail Dehlavi.

    This shows that in 1270 A.H Imam Fad Haq Khairabadi was firm on his stand which he expressed in 1240 A.H

    This is just a deobandi cock and bull story which says that Imam Fadl Haq Khairabadi al Chishti lamented the death of Ismail Dehlavi and even praised him!

    Readers can see that this deobandi author has borrowed this story from another deobandi, who is famous on internet for spreading lies.
    The deobandi author is not seeking truth. Had he been seeking truth, he would have researched and studied before attacking the great scholars of ahlus sunnah wal jamah.

    Look how the deobandi author attacks Shaykh Gibril. He writes:

    Gibril Haddad wrote a review of Taqwiyat al-Iman based on its English Translation some years ago which is full of hyperbole and misinformation as a result of his bias, dishonesty, ignorance and over-reliance on the translation

    Readers can see who is biased, dishonest and ignorant!!

    The deobandi further writes

    His source for this and further statements is an internet article written against Deobandis.

    Whatever Shaykh Gibril has mentioned is from Quran, Sunnah and authentic historical books, where as this deobandi took everything from internet or the translated works! He doesn’t even quote original Taqwiyatul Iman but its English and Arabic translation!

    The deobandi author is trying to praise Ismail Dehlavi who said

    In Salah, thought of intercourse with your wife or evil temptation of adultery is better, and to think about a Shaykh or a pious person even thinking about the Holy Prophet is much worse than thinking of your own donkey or oxen." [Siraat-e-Mustaqeem, persian, p.86)

    Let us see, what Ashraf Ali Thanvi says:

    Question: [By Abdul Majid Daryabadi, disciple and Khalifa of Ashraf Ali thanvi]
    Is it permissible for me to imagine you during salah for concentration?
    Answer [ By Ashraf Ali Thanvi]
    It is correct as long as you do not disclose this to other people”
    ( Hakimul Ummat page 54)

    This shows the secret nature of this deobandi cult. They keep their secret teachings among themselves and do not want others to know about it!
    They all love this man Ismail Dehlavi!

    After all

    kullu shai in yarjuhu ila aslihi
    Everything returns to its origin


  11. sunnistudent

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    The deobandi said


    The link given by the deobandi author leads to another thread on infamous deobandi forum and the post is by Mr Saad![ recall, Imam Shah waliullah's rh thread!!]

    He writes:

    We have to see this as well!

    Please remember what this deobandi wrote [emphasis mine]

  12. sunnistudent

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    Scan from persian book" sirate mustaqeem" by Ismail Dehlavi.

    Please note " sarfe himmat" near red mark on the scan. I shall wait for Urdu translation of this passage as done by deobandis and published by Islami Academy, 40 Urdu Bazar, Lahore.

    If they post latest deobandi translation, they themselves will prove their fabrication.

    If the deobandis fail, we will first observe the fabrication in Urdu translation and then shall proceed with tasawwuf of " sarfe himmat" as explained by 'ask imam" website.

    The forefather of Deobandi Jamat , Mawlana Ismail Dehalvee said in his book “Siratemusateem”

    “ To get the thought of Prophet ( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) in salah( prayer) is WORSE than getting the thought of Ox and Horse.

    And now be ready to read those lines which will make you realize what is called the “height of double standard”

    Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi , the beloved disciple and Khalifah of Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee wrote a book” Hakimul Ummat”, which is a biography of Mawlana Ashraf Ali thanvee. Mawlana Abdul Majid wrote a letter to Mawlana Asharf ali about a problem. Both ,the, problem and its reply by Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvee has been mentioned in this book. Read it and please decide what justice can you do for Islam.

    Mawlana Abdul Majid wrote

    “ Lack of concentration in Salaat is an old problem. But it is my experience that whenever I imagined you in Salaat the problem of concentration vanished only for a short while though. Nevertheless, please advice me if this action is correct , if it is not, then I shall be careful in future’
    ( Hakimul Ummat, page 54)

    This was the personal question of Mawlana Abdul Majid, now listen to the answer of Mawlana Thanvee

    “ It is correct as long as you do not disclose this to other people”
    ( Hakimul Ummat page 54)

    I will leave the judgment on the respected reader. Fear Allah and keep in mind , on that day when the Sun will be so down that everyone of us will be sweating, when every one of us will be running from one prophet to another , that day , Sayyedul Anmbiya, will intercede for us.

    May Allah give the love of His beloved prophet in the hearts of all the muslims and may we all die in this state of love. Ameen.


    Request to all the brothers:If any deobandi makes any remark about this topic/ thread , any where on the internet, kindly mention here.

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    Brother, none of this is a controversial issue.

    1 Mawlid- Look any book of fiqh ,it is permitted. Look at the awliya and the scholars of this ummah and their ruling.

    2. Tahzir al Nas-- 268 scholars of the Indian subcontinent[ India, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined] AND 33 scholars from the harmain sharifain agreed that the text of this book is clear Kufr.

    3.Ilm al ghyab [ given to prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam]--This is from nass e qatai. To deny this will be Kufr.

    4. Hifz al Iman--- same as 2 above.

    5.Barahin qatiah-- same as 2 above

    6. Imkan al Kidhb-- is muhaal for the Qudrah of Allah as per ahlus sunnah.If deobandis can't understand books of ilm al kalam, they should read tafsir jalalayn under" innAlllah ala kulli shay in qadeer"

    7. Darud Taj, like other darud brings love and reward for the muslims. There is nothing controversial in that.
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    This article is full of lies,wrong reference, wrong quotes and just because it is lengthy,some deobandis have liked it. Insha Allah I shall post refutation to this article. What I am not able to decide is that whether I should post para by para refutation or a general refutation. Insha Allah I shall post scans of the books to show how this deobandi is mistaken ( or lied?) in this article.

    Look at what he says


    [/FONT] [FONT=&quot]
    Look at this ( I could not control my laugh!)

    Let us look at the comments posted by other deobandis after reading this article:
    Insha Allah, we shall see who is unreliable;

    (1) Mawlana Fadle Rasul Badayuni al Qadri(Rh)
    (2) Imam Ahmed Raza Khan al Qadri (Rh)
    (3) Shaykh GF Haddad al Naqshbandi

    Or this deobandi scholars and which ever deobandi he has quoted.

    If any deobandi is reading this, I have a request. Can any one of you post me the scan for this statement written by your deobandi author

    Please, please , show me this ' Sarfe Himmat ' in the original persian sirate mustaqeem. Please.

    And if none of you can show me then I will remind you that this is what the deobandi said:

    I shall wait for the scan from original Sirate Mustaqeem in Persian where this term" Sarfe Himmat" is present.

    If deobandis can post this , I will be highly obliged.[ This is for all the deobandis on internet , all those who made comment to that article ]

    Insha Allah later we can all recite ayat 61 of surah aale Imran ( 3:61).

    I shall wait.

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    A futile exercise in defending shamelessness.
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  19. Laanat on these khabees!

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