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  1. The North Yemenis do it. It doesn't have much to do with madh-hab, even the zaydi shiits do it.
  2. i have heard about this debate between Shah Sahib and that Khalid Mahmood.Any possibility of more details or a recording?
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  3. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Can you plz supply the details of this topic. I do not have a speaker . Plz if you can serach for the detailed article on this topic, and post it here on just the link.

    It will be a great help ..

  4. Is there a recording of the debate? it would be interesting to hear it.
  5. Muhammadi

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    'Allamah Sayyid 'Abdul Qadir Shah Sahib Jilani debated him in 1979 [if my memory serves me correctly] when Khalid Mahmud challenged Ahl-e-Sunnat at the then UK Deobandi stronghold/marqaz [Mahmud was Imam/Khatib there] in Manchester namely Manchester Central Mosque [Victoria Park Mosque] which was Manchester's first mosque with many high-profile figures visiting it then [i.e. under Deobandi administration] including the Saudi royal family. It's the same mosque wherein the International Na'at Conference occurs annually.

    It's a long ends with Khalid Mahmud loosing, being ousted and subsequently the Mosque was handed over to Ahl-e-Sunnat administration as per-conditions. Maulana Ahmad Nithar Baig Qadiri was appointed the first Sunni Imam there.

    It was an interesting debate with the first 10/15 minutes in Arabic. Khalid Mahmud tried to scare and confuse Shah Sahib by conversing in Arabic but little did he know...! When Shah Sahib eloquently returned the favour he resorted to Urdu upon which Shah Sahib challenged him to keep conversing in Arabic but he just couldn't keep up.

    Mahmud fled the UK after that and has never returned since except for a couple of days per year to attend Deobandi conferences.

    Before this humiliation, he was very active in the UK especially against Ahl-e-Sunnat. He would openly ridicule A'la Hadrat - rahimahullah - in his lectures, taunt the people of Ahl-e-Sunnat and challenge our 'ulama and mashaikh to debates.

    All that gone now...alhamdulillah.
  6. i was struck by the darkness of his face (i dont mean it in a racist way as his skin tone wasn´t so dark but in the lack of any spirituality at all on it. i.e. zulm and la´anah)
  7. AbdalQadir

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    lol, then that begs the question why on earth did they write a tonne of books defending themselves against the rumors spread by an idiot servant on beliefs they didn't subscribe to in the first place OR engage themselves in counter refutation of Ala Hazrat and fuel the fitnah? if they knew the cause of the fitnah, they should have at least done their best to curb it even if Ala hazrat was misinformed by a stupid servant. they should have just come out and publicly said "we share the same madhab as Sheikh Ahmad Raza and the rest of the subcontinental Sunnis"

    and what's with using the saudis' shimagh as an imamah on desi clothing? seriously, it doesn't look nice. neither looks wahabi nor sunni.
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    his name is khalid mahmud and he used to live in manchester.

    qiyamat is not far and the lies the deobandis have invented against ahlu's sunnah and our imam will be exposed and justice will be done.

    la'natullahi 'alal kadhibin.
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    hahaha, lolz, is this idiot the same dr. khalid mahmoud? if he is then really you cannot expect anything from him except rubbish and fabrications.
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  10. So that is the famous dr khalid mahmood? ! See the laanat barasing from his manhoos chehra.

    So the deobandi barelvi conflict had nothing to do with the blasphemies of the dobbie elders but was all to do with a slighted servant...oh look there's a pig flying past my window.
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