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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AbdulMustafa, May 12, 2015.

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    Salaam Alaykum
    I am new to this forum. Firstly I'd like to apologise if I offend anyone.
    I have a question about our young Imams/Shaykhs For example Imam Ijaz Shaami and Shaykh Nabeel Afzal (Not talking about scholars like Shaykh Asrar, Mufti Monawwar, Mawlana Sjaad etc. nor am I talking about JAK boys). These are considered as scholars of Ahle Sunnah (even by myself) but I would like to know where have they studied, I'm talking about beyond dars e Nizami? How did Imam Ijaz Ahmed become Shaami, Who did he and how long for did he study in the blessed lands of Shaam?

    The reason me asking is that these scholars are considered 'Lions of Ahle Sunnah' and that is because what they may have said something against Wahhabis, deos and Sulha Kullis. Is this how low our standards are? Maybe if they approached some Sulha Kulli scholars and discuss then do something. But blasting on stage don't really make someone a Lion or a Defender of Ahle Sunnah.

    From the limited amount of information of what I know about them is that they havent studied much after Dars e Nizami and they are not Shaykhs when you have people like Shaykh Asrar, Shaykh Monawwar, Shaykh Sjaad etc.
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    I 'felt' that he wasn't sunni, just looking at the faces around him and his turban. The video was posted because he had a point.

    The thread is getting diverted. I suggest that posts #44 through #47 be deleted.
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    message tv is a deobandi, tableeghi channel
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